Diamonds are forever, but that doesn’t mean diamond jewelry will stay brilliant for a lifetime when left on its own. Proper care is required to keep the gorgeous quality of any piece of jewelry. It’s more expensive to have tarnished or scratched jewelry repaired or replaced, so it’s good practice to observe steps to maintain the good quality of one’s jewelry.

Be aware of jewelry while wearing them

Diamonds may be the hardest, most durable gemstone there is, and would be able to resist scratching and natural wear and tear, but still remember to treat them gently. Banging them against a tough surface can chip the stone or cause it to become loose from its setting. While doing rough tasks, it would be best to take jewelry off, not only for their care, but also for the wearer’s safety. 

Clean them properly and regularly

Like any other item, cleanliness is important, especially if a diamond is to maintain its brilliance. While specialized cleaning solutions might be available from jewelers, a homemade cleaning solution works just as well. Mix one part ammonia to six parts How to Handle Diamond Jewelrywarm water and soak the jewelry in it for about 10-20 minutes. Use a soft bristled brush over the stone, avoiding contact with the setting, as the bristles may scratch the metal surface. Rinse the pieces and dry them off with a clean, lint-free cloth. 

Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals

Chlorine and other abrasive solution could corrode and ultimately destroy or even dissolve the metal where the jewelry is set. Ultrasonic cleaners would be used in removal of encrusted dirt, but never attempt to use this particular kind of solution at home. Ultrasonic cleaning is best done by a professional, because the process of cleaning could cause stones to loosen from their mounting.

Store them carefully

Put your loose-diamonds and other jewelry pieces in separate cloth pouches, or in a lined case with separate compartments to keep them from scratching one another and to minimize the accumulation of dust and residue.

Visit a jeweler at least once a year for professional cleaning and inspection

Professional cleaning not only ensures a thorough job, but it also extends the brilliant lifespan of your diamonds and other jewelry. Schedule regular visits to your jeweler to prevent any damage, and to be able to have repairs done when necessary.

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