With so many retail shops in Australia migrating online, it is now very convenient to buy a wedding suit without getting up from your couch. While it may seem easy, choosing your suit is a tricky process, especially when it comes to size. The wrong choice can be devastating, especially if you are cutting it close to the wedding date.

Modern wedding suits are as diverse as ever. You have a wide array of selection in terms of sizes, colours, and designs. The process is very different from the perceived one-size-fits-all formal suit.

Australia has over 116,000 wedding ceremonies every year, with the industry worth more than $2 billion. In terms of the peak season for weddings, March, November, and October are the most popular months. They want to make sure the rains do not ruin their wedding and have enough daylight to get those amazing photos.

However, buying wedding suits online can be a tricky process. For instance, you have no way of trying them on if they fit before making your purchase.

Here are some tips to make your online buying experience a breeze:

  1. Do not cut it too close – When you go to the tailor for bespoke suits, you will typically order them about ten weeks before the ceremony. The convenience of buying online is that they are already finished suits. However, you have to consider the possibility that there might be some factory damage. So, ordering a few weeks away from the wedding will give you some leeway for corrective actions.


  1. If in doubt, order one size bigger – There is nothing as unflattering as an ill-fitting suit. While e-commerce stores have size guides posted on their website, you know from experience that the clothes would have some variations in sizes depending on the brand. It will help if you are already familiar with the brand and how their suits fit you. However, by ordering one size bigger, you have some room to make alterations by visiting your local tailor. You would not have the same luxury for a suit that is way too small.
  2. Read up their return policies – Be wary of stores with a “no return, no exchange policy.” The store should be able to refund the item if you are not satisfied with the product. The store must also be willing to replace the item if you find out that it is the wrong size or colour. Typically, you will get the refund in about a week. For replacements, you may get them from 5-7 business days. It is the reason why you need to place your order a few weeks before your wedding.
  3. Stick to neutral colours – It is difficult to approximate the colour when you are relying on your computer monitor.

While buying online spells convenience, it does not necessarily mean that you have to settle for ill-fitting wedding suits. There are ways to make sure that your clothes are flattering to your body.

So, when buying wedding suits online, make sure to measure your shoulders, chest, torso length, and arm length. Make sure to focus on your shoulders and the jacket length because these are the most difficult to adjust later on.