ladyYou want to be the next Tyra Banks or Kate Moss? Or Naomi Campbell is your idol? You want to spend your life on runaways all over the world? You cannot get your eyes off fashion magazines? You want all of that, but there is something which stops you? You are only a teenager? Good news! It does not matter. Even though you are a teenager you can become the next supermodel. However, there is something very important which should be mentioned about teenage modelling. Modelling should not replace your school. It should be your hobby, something you do at weekends and holidays. In order to help you in this quest for modeling, we prepared for you some tips.

Get the portfolio

Even though you are only a teenager, it does not mean you should not be and act like a professional. Make the portfolio with professional high quality pictures. In the same way you hire a professional photographer, you should hire a professional make-up artist as well. As we have said, it is all about getting as best photos as possible. As you already like reading fashion magazine, it will not be difficult for you to decide on looks you want to do. When it comes to looks, it is all about versatility. Your goal is to show that you feel comfortable in a variety of different looks. So, pick a T-shirt and jeans look, but find something very classy and smart, as well. The higher number of looks, the better. And match your hairstyle with different looks. As you are a new model, your portfolio should have 6-12 photos. Finally, your photos should be 8×10” prints placed inside a portfolio book.

How to be photogenic

In modeling, everything revolves around your physical appearance and looking best in photographs. Since you are a new model, we will give you a few tips to start with. It is very important to be relaxed during shoots. Otherwise, even though you are the most photogenic person in the world, your photos will not look good. If you have long hair, avoid it sitting on the shoulders. It just looks terrible on everyone. And pull your chin forward. As you want to look relaxed and comfortable in photos, avoid having your arms flat at their sides. I bet you did not know this: if you turn a bit, you look slimmer. You should also elongate your neck in order to stimulate height. Before actually doing a photo shoot, practice before a mirror. Practice different emotions: sadness, fear, surprise… This is very important because you are in a way an actress. As we have mentioned Tyra Banks at the beginning, it is only right to give you some of her advice for a successful photo shoot. Tyra recommends that you always pose with a tension in your body. Create intensity with your eyes. Always use several poses. If you want to listen to Tyra’ advice, you should study your favorite models and learn from them. If you are interested in more Tyra’s tips, you should read this.

Teen modelling scams

Jaslene_gonzalez_by_kevin_sinclairSince you are very young, having your parents beside you is of utmost importance. You will not believe how many scam artists there are in modeling. If you opt for an agency, you should know that legitimate agencies charge their fees only after you get paid. There is something very wrong if someone tells you that you need to take modelling classes in order to be a model. Of course, this same person will recommend his/her own modelling schools. If an agency accepts payment only in cash, you should avoid it. This what follows is very important for teen modelling particularly: a legitimate agency will never ask you to take nude photos. In addition, do not believe an agency which make you pay for an expensive portfolio by a photographer they recommend. Finally, you have freedom to be represented by more than one agent. So, if people from an agency tell you need to sign so that you cannot be represented by anyone else, it is a scam.

It is very important to research ahead if you want to become a teen model. As you have seen, there are many scams. In the end, you want to stay in the business and you want to have as pleasant experience as possible at the beginning. Learn as many poses as you can and remember: a camera is your friend not your enemy. Find a reputable agency. Modelling agencies Melbourne is just what you need, they are agencies with an excellent reputation. Finally, be determined and you may become the next super model.