You should invite your friends over to your home to forget about the winter cold and talk the night away over delicious cocktails. If you want to throw a fantastic cocktail party, you will need to make sure that the drinks, the snacks and the décor impress every guest in attendance.

Instead of focusing on making individual drinks for guests, plan on preparing large-batch cocktails to serve the whole party — you can make pitchers of sangria, bowls of boozy punch or slow-cookers full of spiked apple cider. To give your guests more than one option, you can make variations of one or two cocktail recipes—for instance, you can make a pitcher of traditional sangria with red wine, a white wine sangria and a rose sangria. To acknowledge people who have particular drink preferences, let all of your guests know about the cocktails that you will be serving ahead of time so that they can bring their own drinks if they don’t like the options.

After getting the drinks for the party covered, you should set up a table of savory and sweet snacks for your guests. Ditch the traditional bowl of chips and replace it with more substantial appetizers like charcuterie boards, cheese platters, sliced vegetables plates and bowls of assorted dips like tzatziki and hummus. When it comes to the sweeter fare, you should offer platters of sliced fresh fruit and a variety of mochi ice cream. Mochi ice cream balls are the perfect frozen treats to serve at a cocktail party—they are delicious and colorful bite-sized sweets that won’t make a mess. There are plenty of flavors that you can pick to delight your guests like vanilla bean, mint chocolate chip, ripe strawberry and green tea. If you want to serve your guests these unique ice cream desserts, you can find a MyMo store near you using their online locator — that way, you won’t be disappointed when you get to the frozen food aisle.

After you prepare your essentials like drinks and snacks, you will need to come up with party ideas for decorations, glassware and other little details. If you want to go for a simple but classy upgrade, set out candles around the house to make for a more elegant atmosphere. Don’t use plastic or paper cups to avoid a big pile of dishes at the end of the event — you should only serve cocktails in your nicest glassware. If you don’t have enough glasses for the number of guests attending, you can always rent some for the night. Extra touches like vases of fresh flowers and lovely table settings will make your home look ready for a wonderful cocktail party.

When you set out the right drinks, the right appetizers and the right décor, your cocktail party is bound to be a fantastic event. Your guests will be so impressed with your hosting abilities that they will toast you for giving them a night to remember and it will be a in their mind for long time.