Teaching your children about safety is imperative in today’s world. It seems like every time you turn on the news, you hear about human trafficking and children being kidnapped. Educating your children on these dangers will help to ensure that they are able to get themselves out of a situation where they may be at risk. You will want to do some of the tips below to ensure that your child knows how to be safe.

Talk To Them Frequently

You will want to talk to your children frequently about the importance of never going with someone unless they have express permission from you or the other parent. Doing this will help the child understand the importance of staying away from strangers.

Encouraging Talk About Uncomfortable Feelings

It is important that your child knows that they can come to you with their uncomfortable feelings. For example, if they were around someone that made them uncomfortable, they should know that they need to tell you immediately. Never dismiss your child’s feelings, even if that person is a family member.

Educating Your Children On Tricky People

Your child may be confused when talking about strangers. One way to show them the importance of not talking to strangers is to explain that there are unsafe or tricky people out there. You do not want to scare your child because many people are good, but you need to warn them that there are people out there that might not be so good. Even as your child comes into the teenage years, it is important that they know that there are bad people out there that will do them harm, and they need to avoid them.

You will also need to explain to children that sometimes bad people are even people that they know. You will need to pay attention to people who give your kids a lot of attention and those who give them a lot of presents. They may be grooming your child, and you will want to look for the signs of grooming. If you have older children, you can speak to them about grooming and how to avoid it.

Educating Your Child On How They Own Their Body

You will need to sit your child down and tell them that their body is their own and no one should be touching their body in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable. You should educate them that the only one that is allowed to touch them is themselves and their doctor. You can even meet with your doctor and have them reiterate this lesson. You will also want to tell your child that if anyone touches them and makes them uncomfortable, they should tell you immediately.

Educating Your Child On What To Do In An Emergency

It is important that your child knows what to do when they are in a scary situation or an emergency situation. If your child feels like they are in danger or uncomfortable, instruct them to do the following steps:

  • Step One. Loudly say no. Some kids that have been told they are too loud may be uncomfortable with this step, but you need to tell them that it is ok in this kind of situation.
  • Step Two. Running away. In a dangerous situation, instruct your child to run away. It is important to tell your child that it is ok to run away from a dangerous person. Reiterate that they will not get in trouble.
  • Step Three. Find someone to help. If your child is out in public and cannot find you, you need to instruct them to find a trusted adult. This can be a difficult concept because you have told them to stay away from strangers. Tell them to look for a mom with children, a police officer, or an employee of the store that they are in.

Online Dangers

Parents often forget that there is a whole world of child predators online, and it is important to instruct your child on being safe online. There should be boundaries placed online, and they should not be allowed to post their pictures, location, birth date, or any other information that may be used.


Following the tips above will help your child to be safe in the event they are around someone that will make them uncomfortable. It is important to reiterate this information as your child grows up.

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