The bonding of a newborn of a mother is special and occurs after birth. This often occurs during breastfeeding and while comforting or putting the child to sleep. Nursery chairs in Australia are useful for this purpose and are specially built to ensure comfort for a new mother while breastfeeding a child. One has an option of either buying a rocking chair or a glider however; it mainly depends on personal preference as to which one you select.

There are many applications of such a chair and it is very comforting for a mother who tends to be sleep deprived. This article goes on to provide tips on selecting a nursery chair.

A nursery chair is a special one that is meant for comfort. It is upholstered and cushioned and a special chair which is usually of low seating style. It is useful for parents with a newborn. There are many types of nursery chairs however, recliners and gliders are more popular ones.

Types of nursery chairs

  • Classic Lounging: This is a simple yet comfortable chair that also tends to be more economical.
  • Reclining: This type of chair has a low seat and is similar to a living room recliner chair.
  • Gliding: This chair can rock back & forth and can also but at the same time it can also glide back & forth depending on the size of the platform. It also functions as a lounge chair. Each model is different since some also have an option to recline as well.
  • Rocking: This is a simple chair and as the name suggests it has a rocking function. It can be a lounge style as well with recline function.

Tips for selecting a Breast Feeding Chair

  • Feeding a baby is no easy task and doing in an uncomfortable chair makes it even harder. The nursery chairs in Australia are specially designed to make the process of breastfeeding a breeze.

  • The main purpose is to help calm a child, make it easy for a mother to handle them either while feeding or while putting the child to sleep.

  • Since the main purpose is to soothe a child, a noisy chair defeats the purpose. Thus, ensure it does not make a lot of noise.

  • Other comfort features like easy armrests, rocking ability, and a footrest makes it more comfortable.

  • Getting in and out a chair while a child is asleep is no easy feat; picking the right one can make this task easy.

  • Safety of a child needs to take high priority hence the first thing to look out when selecting nursery chairs in Australia is for sharp edges, protruding nails, and other potential hazards.

  • Ensure the chair has a locking feature to prevent rocking if not desired.

  • It should be sturdy and durable.

  • It is correct to some extent to associate a nursery chair for use with a newborn; however, it is useful even when a child grows older. It is multipurpose and is also useful to read stories to a child and also good for the mother to relax.

  • There are many ways of feeding a child and one often does feed a child before putting them to sleep which also often results in spills. Hence select one that is easy to clean after.

  • A rocking chair can take up a lot of space and it is necessary to have enough space to move around for convenience too.

  • Opting for an ottoman along with a nursery chair will ease the discomfort and pressure on the knees.

  • Checking reviews for the chair prior to buying it is also good practice; this process becomes easier if buying online.