Tips for Saving Energy with Lighting

hanging-bedroom-decoration-lamps-side-lampThe environment will not wait for us to come to our senses and that is why you really need to make sure that you save the energy in any way you can. Lights in your home may not be the greatest energy spenders, but when you add all that up on a year level, you will see that the consumption of energy is not that small. Turning off the lights when you not need them is one way of saving energy, but it is not the only one. Here are some other ways that will help you save energy by making smart choices regarding lighting.

Types of Light Bulbs

There are several light bulbs that you can consider nowadays. The variety and the choice has never been this great, and therefore, you should really take some time and get informed about the choices that you have. The right type of bulb can significantly reduce your energy consumption. Two main types of lights are incandescent and fluorescent lights. In order to save energy, it is advisable to use fluorescent lights instead of the incandescent lights. Also, if you are forced to use the incandescent ones, you can reduce the consumption by using the bulbs of higher wattage. If you need a light that can be produced by a bulb of 100 watts, you will need to use to 60 watt bulbs but four 40 watt bulbs.

Designing Lights

Good an efficient design can help you save energy significantly. Well positioned lights can provide all the necessary light without using additional bulbs. For example, make sure that the lights are not blocked by the physical obstacle. Also, if you are thinking about lighting the outdoors or even using a porch lights, make sure that you are using solar powered lights. In that way, not only that you will save the energy, but you will also get a nicely glowing lights that are quite charming. Floor lamps are also a great solution. You can place them anywhere in the room creating a perfect atmosphere while saving the energy. So visit the nearest lighting shop and improve your space by making it bright.

imagesTurn Off the Lights

This one goes without saying but it can never be stressed out enough. The thing is, different people have different notions when it comes to how long you should be absent in order to turn off the lights when leaving the room. It is not that good to turn the lights on and off all the time, but if you are staying out of the room for longer than five minutes, you should definitely turn the lights off. Even if you are entering the room for just

Use Natural Lights

Whenever you can do it, make the most of the natural lights. Make sure that the most of the light that you use daily comes from the sun. If your apartment has a lot of windows, you can do a lot in order to let the sun in. You can opt for lighter curtains or no curtains at all in order to let the light in. Don’t use dark and heavy ones as they will prevent the natural lighting from entering your rooms.

There are many more ways to save energy. However, saving on lighting is just one of them. Although it may not be that significant on a monthly level, you can easily save up to $150 a year on your electricity bill. That is only one of the benefits of energy saving, so consider using these tips.




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