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Moving your loved one into an assisted living community is a major step. It is important to help your loved one through this time and support their decision to move. There are things that they will need to prepare, and you should help them as much as you can.

Starting Preparations
Once your loved one expresses that they want to move into an assisted living facility, you will want to help them prepare. They will have a lot of possessions, and they may have lived in the same home for many years. It will take time to go through things, pack, and downsize. You never want to wait until the last minute to do these things as it will just cause undue stress.

Decide On How Much Downsizing Is Needed
To see how much your loved one needs to downsize, you will want to find out the size of the room or apartment they will have at the assisted living facility. You can ask the facility for a floor plan and the square footage. Make suggestions to your loved one about their furniture. They may need to pick out a few pieces and purchase some new furniture for their space, depending on the size of the room and what they have. You will want to make sure that you allow your loved one to make all the decisions, including how to arrange them. Never take over or decide to toss something.

Enjoying the Community
Another great way to get your loved one used to assisted living in MN is to enjoy the community. They will have community events, a dining hall, shuttle bus trips, and more. To get your loved one used to the area, have them attend some of the activities. They can see what is on the menu in the dining hall, meet people, and join in some of the activities.

Do A Family Visit
Once your loved one is moved and settled into their new home, you will want to make sure that you have a family visit with as many family members as possible. This will make your loved one feel safe and secure. Families are often invited to the dining hall and other entertainment events. Your loved one will love showing off their new neighborhood and home.

Getting Rid Of Items Not In Use
To work on getting your loved one into an assisted living facility without disrupting their lives, start getting rid of items that are not used daily. For example, if they have a guest room or kitchen that are only used for special occasions, talk to them about parting with them or go ahead and pack them to go to the new apartment. This will help to reduce stress and make moving day easier. Make sure that you just do not go into your loved one’s home and start deciding what goes. This can make them feel invalid and can lead to depression and anxiety. Instead, let them take the lead. They will tell you what they want to keep, what they want to get rid of, and what they want to give other family members.

Sort Prized Possessions
Some things will not be able to fit in the assisted living facility apartment or room. You will need to sit down with your loved one and determine their most prized possessions. If the possessions will not fit in the assisted living facility, ask your loved one if they would like to gift the items to their children or to their grandchildren. Prized items that are going to be kept by your loved one should be moved into the apartment or room as soon as possible. This can help it to feel like home.

Have A Yard Sale
With your loved one’s approval, have a yard sale to get rid of items that they will no longer need. You can make a yard sale positive by telling your loved one that someone else will get to use the items that they have used. For items that are in decent condition but not sales worthy, consider donating them.

A loved one moving out of their home can be stressful and can cause them some upset, but if you follow the tips above, it should minimize that upset and help them fully embrace their new lives. They will still be able to live independently with help when they need it.

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