Increasing emissions from vehicles is a great threat to the environment. To reduce pollution and improve air quality, CNG is being preferred over conventional fossil fuels for vehicles. CNG kits are eco-friendly options as they do not emit toxic fumes and give better fuel economy as the entire fuel is burnt in the cylinder. Even though there are several economic benefits of CNG kits, car insurance is a must for every car – CNG or non-CNG. Alternatively, the downside of CNG cars is the higher maintenance requirements.

 Maintenance Tips for Your CNG Car

Guard against leaks:

CNG cars are quite prone to cylinder leakage risk. You should regularly check the CNG kit, cylinder, and associated piping to avoid leakage and improve fuel economy.
If the kit is damaged due to an accident or any other unexpected incident, you can proceed with a claim for compensation after completing the required formalities.

Starting and stopping of engine:

One of the best possible ways to improve the performance of your CNG car is to follow the proper starting and stopping procedures. It is advised to start the engine on petrol, warm up the engine first and then switch to CNG. Similarly, it is better to switch to petrol and then stop the engine. It will ensure good warming up, cooling down as well as lubrication of the internal components.

Timely replacement of CNG filters:

Another way to boost the performance is by timely and correct replacement of filters. Filter clogging will lead to improper CNG supply to the engine adversely affecting the engine efficiency. A clogged CNG filter will lead to sudden loss of power and pick-up of your car. Hence timely replacement with proper filters will help in maintaining the performance at an optimum level.

Maintenance of throttle assembly:

The throttle body and assembly are responsible for maintaining an adequate supply of CNG to the engine cylinder. Rusting or residual deposits in the throttle assembly will lead to a deterioration in performance. In addition, it will adversely affect the acceleration response and pick-up of your vehicle. Therefore, cleaning the assembly using anti-rust treatment at regular intervals and replace when necessary will increase the engine’s efficiency and boost the acceleration response of the vehicle.

Installation of authorized CNG kits and accessories:

The engine’s safety, health and efficiency depend directly on the quality of the CNG kit and accessories installed. Installation of any substandard parts or unauthorized CNG kits will lead to a deterioration of the performance of your car. A sudden breakdown could lead to expensive repairs.

Replacement of air filters:

Air filters are inexpensive components that are normally overlooked. However, choked air filters can adversely affect the performance of your engine. Checking the air filters and replacing if found clogged at a timely interval will ensure adequate airflow to the engine, thereby ensuring complete burning of the fuel. This improves fuel efficiency. You should pay more attention to this aspect if you drive the car regularly in a highly polluted environment.

Regular servicing:

CNG kits use a number of accessories and electrical wiring and control systems that require regular monitoring. Cars fitted with CNG kits should be serviced regularly for efficient functioning over the long term. Timely and regular servicing, although slightly expensive, will ensure a smooth drive of your car.

Despite better engine performance, a CNG car is not immune to damage or leaks that can cause a total breakdown of the system. Therefore, it is important to possess a car insurance policy. A car insurance company will have different policies to cover the risks for reducing your financial burden in an emergency. You can avail of car insurance online by comparing different insurers and their premium rates using the car insurance premium calculator online. TATA AIG car insurance renewal online is hassle-free and extremely user friendly.


CNG kits are attractive for fuel efficiency and eco-friendly driving. However, they are also subject to some mechanical risks and CNG-based cars require increased maintenance. Only authorized CNG kits and accessories should be installed, the fuel kit should be monitored regularly and serviced at

timely intervals and good driving habits should be followed. With these points in mind, you can hope for good savings in your fuel expenses due to your CNG car performance.

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