During school holiday, parents seem overwhelmed by the unending trouble caused by their kids. Keeping them out of trouble may seem a difficult task, but it is one of the simplest. Don’t stress yourself on how you will keep your children active and out of trouble. Here are tips on how you can do it.


Determine if you are a Friend or a Parent

Being both a parent and a friend to your kids is nearly impossible. This is because by playing both personalities, the kids will never know instances when you are talking as a parent or a friend. Being a friend will mean that you put yourself in their level. It is a good idea, but the problem is that you will not have any authority over them.


If you choose to be a parent, it means that you are the one setting the rules which must be followed. If they go against the rules, you can easily discipline them. Playing the part of a parent is the best way because they will learn to respect you and easily keep off from trouble.


Keep them Occupied in Structured Activities

Ensure that your kids have no time staying idle or bored. Boredom or lack of activity tends to make kids think of something entertaining that will likely put them in trouble. It is vital that they get engaged in activities that will make them learn many things while staying away from trouble.


a) Allow them to take part in local sporting activities such as football or swimming. Through such engagement, they can quickly discover their talent or their interest and keep them occupied during their free time.

b) Work in organizations within the neighborhood together such as in charity or nursing homes. Engaging in community activities will not only keep them occupied but will also learn more lessons in life.

c) Together with your kids, do some home improvement projects, for example keeping the garden neat, painting of the house or repairing of old furniture.

d) Encourage them to volunteer as part-time workers in the organizations within the community such as in church among others organizations.

e) Enroll in cooking classes with your kids. This way, they will be able to learn about cooking and help at home.

f) Take time with them to visit exciting sites such as the museums and beaches. They will learn more through the visit and expand their knowledge.

g) Engage in wilderness therapy with your kids especially the teens. This can take days where you make your kids learn some of the necessary life skills such as lighting a fire. The activity is good because it enhances personal growth, positive change, and other personal discoveries.


Maintain Open Communication with Your Kids

Always ensure that you keep open communication with your children. You have to gain their trust so that in case they have a problem; they can share it with you instead of covering up. This way, they will easily respect you and adhere to the family rules hence keeping away from trouble.


When giving them family rules, make it look like a discussion rather than a lecture. Plan and write the rules together and make sure that you set a good example by adhering to the rules. Further, stay connected with them by always checking on them whenever they are not with you.


Have Dinner Together

Having dinner as a family may look a simple thing but it is one of the powerful ways that bring a great impact to your kids. The activity shapes the character of your kids and creates a lasting bond. They are likely to care less about what their peers say about them but will be cautious with what you think about them.


Having kids with free time can be stressful. But it provides an opportunity to bond with your children. Let them know more about you and learn to trust you more than their peers. Engage in various activities that will make them learn more things about life apart from keeping them busy. Furthermore, always maintain high expectations of them and remind them especially when doing something good.