When it comes to having a fresh-smelling home, it can be hard to achieve without the right strategies. While you may be concerned with your living room and your laundry room, you really should think about your bathroom odor as well. Even after being cleaned recently your bathroom can still have odors from mold, poor ventilation, or general use. Here are some helpful tips that you can utilize to keep your bathroom smelling fresh all day long.

Use a Diffuser

If you really want a simple way to keep your bathroom smelling fresh all day long, then consider adding a diffuser to the counter or a shelf. This can be an old-school reed diffuser. Simply dip the reed sticks into your favorite essential oil and enjoy the pleasant scent all day long. If you want to make it easier and the smell more prominent, consider an air diffuser. This will kill two birds with one stone. You can get a fresh scent into your air and add some moisture to it, which is particularly a good idea if you live in a dry climate. However, you should avoid humidifying diffusers if your bathroom has issues with ventilation or is often humid anyway.

Find Pre-Use Drops

While we can’t change the human body, we can change how our bathroom smells. By adding a few toilet drops before going, you can help to alleviate any lingering odors that may occur. Toilet drops are available in a variety of different scents. From fresh linen to all-natural lavender, you’ll be sure to find a scent that fits your style. Using these drops can make a big difference for how your bathroom smells throughout the day.

Put Fabric Softener in the Toilet Tank

One unique hack that you’ll have an ‘aha’ moment with is this one. Take your everyday fabric softener and pour some into the tank of your toilet. This will allow every flush that you make to come out with a nice, fresh scent. With so many different options for fabric softener scents, you’ll be able to switch up the scent whenever you would like. Put in just a small amount to start, as with most things, a little bit of fabric softener can go a long way.

Use a Scented Trash Bag

One surefire trick will help to minimize the smell that comes from your bathroom. Opt for using only scented trash bags. These will keep the things in your trash from stinking up your bathroom and will put off a fresh scent that you’ll be sure to enjoy every time you use your bathroom. As with any trash, you’ll still need to empty it often, but you’ll notice a much more pleasant smell every time you do.

Your bathroom is one of the rooms in your home that you don’t think you have much influence over when it comes to the smell. The truth is that you can easily regulate the smell in your bathroom with any of the methods above. Just be sure to pick methods that work best for your lifestyle, and you’ll be set to enjoy a nice, fresh scent every time you go into your bathroom.