Dallas, Texas is one of the best vacation destinations in all of the United States. A bustling southwest city full of exciting attractions, delectable cuisine, and great weather, Dallas has all kinds of things to hold your attention. Here are some tips for having the best vacation ever in Dallas.

1. Find the right hotel:

There are all kinds of hotels to choose from while vacationing in Dallas. To find the best one, consider what sites and other attractions you want to be closest to. If you absolutely love shopping, you should look for hotels near The Shops at Legacy. Once you know that you’re going to Dallas, start researching hotels. Look for ones that aren’t just affordable but are well-regarded for their amenities, including room service, pool quality, and housekeeping. Online reviews will help give you a sense of which hotels treat visitors to D-Town the best. When you find one that feels right, make your reservation right away.

2. Use DART:

The Dallas Area Rapid Transit demonstrates the city’s excellent public transportation. Including bus and light rail services, the DART can help you zip around the city with ease. Customers love the DART for how affordable it is and how well-maintained the trains are. If flying into the DFW International Airport, you can take the orange line right downtown. Instead of dealing with the stress of navigating through traffic jams and spending a tremendous amount of money on parking, take advantage of Dallas’ top-notch public transportation services.

3. Visit historical sites:

To visit Dallas is to have history come alive. Some of the notable events commemorated here are the assassination of President John F. Kennedy at Dealey Plaza and the deaths of Bonnie and Clyde. You can tour the centuries-old buildings of the Dallas Historical Village and feel like you’re going back in time.

4. Check out museums

If you have an inquisitive mind that’s fascinated by art, science, and history, you’re going to love your Dallas vacation. There are so many museums to browse, from the Perot Museum of Natural History to the Frontiers of Flight Museum. If you love art, you’ll definitely want to check out the Dallas Museum of Art. Sad but important lessons from history can be learned at the Dallas Holocaust Museum. After visiting these museums, you can give yourself plenty to reflect upon.

5. Eat right:

The people of Dallas are serious about their food. Southern cooking is done right here, with extraordinary fried chicken, pecan pie, and grits. You can also find savory burgers and other traditional pub food at Whiskey Cake Kitchen and Bar. Look up the top restaurants and Dallas and book reservations as soon as you can. There’s no better way to experience a city’s style than through its food.

Taking a trip to Dallas is sure to be an absolute delight. If traveling with your family, you can look for kid-friendly options, such as the Dallas World Aquarium and the Crayola Amusement Center. This is a vacation you’re unlikely to forget and a city you’ll definitely want to visit again.