“Concealed carry” refers to weapons that are small enough to be handled inconspicuously by the owner. The term exists in opposition to “open carry” in which the owner of the weapon displays it for common viewing. Different jurisdictions have different concealed carry laws. There is no federal law dealing with open carry, so each state has its own. In some states, qualified holders can concealed carry with no problem. In others, permits are required. Some states never or rarely issue permits, making concealed carry de facto illegal. Learn the laws of your own state before concealed carrying to avoid legal issues.

Many people use concealed carry as a means of personal protection in crime-ridden areas or when walking alone late at night. Women are especially vulnerable to attack. Also, people in highly dangerous industries often need to carry concealed weapons. If you are interested in the best weapon for concealed carry for you, here is our top list of tips and options.

Decide Where to Find Your First Gun

Gun buyers have many options for getting their first firearm. One option, perhaps the most convenient, is a brick and mortar gun store. These are local businesses that benefit from local support. On the downside, you might pay a little more at a physical gun store than purchasing your gun online. Another choice is to visit a local gun show. Many large and midsize cities host these events, so you can usually find one within a few hours of your home.

Semi-Automatic Pistols

When concealed carry comes up, handguns are likely the first image that comes to mind. Most of the public debate over concealed carry concerns handguns. 9mm handguns are the most common for a number of reasons. They are easy to handle and shoot, their ammunition is easily available, and they are reliable performers. In fact, they function so well that most police departments issue 9 mm as the standard weapon for officers in the field.


Revolvers, like semi-automatic pistols, are also handguns. The essential difference is the firing mechanism. Revolvers have historically been called “wheelguns” because of the circular motion of the chambers as the gun is fired. Each bullet in a revolver is loaded manually into a chamber. Revolvers are typically called “five-shooters” or “six-shooters,” a reference to the number of bullets it can hold.

The main reason you might choose a revolver over a semi-auto pistol is that revolvers are easier to learn how to load and shoot. An afternoon spent at the range learning the basics can render most people competent handlers of these guns, making them good choices for people with limited firearm experience.

Gun Accessories

Gun owners have a lot of choices for add-ons to their weapons. Common firearm accessories include hearing protection, cleaning supplies, shooting glasses, gun slings, and ammunition cases. When you’re looking at guns, think about what you’re going to need your gun for. If you plan to go shooting with your family, you’ll need ear and eye protection as well as an easy way to carry plenty of ammunition. If you only really plan to use your gun for personal protection, you might only really need a holster or carrier for your gun.

Buying a gun for the first time can be an intimidating process. However, if you’re prepared, you’ll be ready to find the right gun for you. Think about your personal needs, your experience with guns, and the buying experience you want. Take some time to make sure you make the right decision for you.