The integrity and the blissfulness that follow an artist’ heart after the sublime depiction of his/her emotions and imagination are quite fascinating. Being an artist means, you are an untamed follower of your passion. It also means that you blindly follow your heart.

Amidst all such expressions and intense feelings, no artist actually thinks of attaining any materialistic accomplishments like fame or money. It is a subtle means of expressing one’s self, using effervescent colors and captivating themes.

But, in today’s world, promoting an art is equally significant as it is to create an art. If you think that developing a masterpiece of art and putting an advertising hoarding stating “Modern art for sale” merely concludes your work, then you are absolutely wrong.

Do not get overwhelmed with the burden of promoting your art. It is not a magical mantra that overnight you can market your painting instead, it is a slow process that requires research, patience and time devotion.

Today, if you want to taste success through your work, you have to follow certain steps. I know, artists usually devote the maximum of their time to create and imagine, but with these steps, any artist can kick-start his/her career too.

Define your objective

If you are just starting your career as an artist, the main focus should be on building a strong relationship with the collectors and art curators in your area. Or, if you are an artist with a couple of years of experience and now are ready to enter a bigger market like international, you would be required to create an impressionable image in your community (the art lovers, artists, and collectors belonging to your style of painting).

Make an honest assessment of how strong your art connections are so that you can objectify your goals distinctively.

Use a stupendous portfolio

You simply cannot showcase each painting in front of every art collector, gallery owner, and art aficionados one by one. This is where the essentiality of an impressionable portfolio arises.

A portfolio eases the efforts of artists while making a submission on websites, posting in art competitions, and creating enticing marketing materials. The intriguing aspect that makes a portfolio such a strong tool for artists is the imagery depiction of your paintings. Visual representation of your work always draws more eyes towards you as an artist.

Make sure to incorporate only high-quality photographs as visuals contribute tremendously to make a marketing campaign successful. With every photo, a brief statement and an enticing text should be included. Quite a few artists make sure to add a succinct narrating the back story of their work.

In addition to this, a captivating bio of the artist should also accompany the portfolio. This is so because the very first thing an art lover wants to know after he/she likes a piece of art is who made it, what inspired the artist, what is the background of the artists and stuff like that.

So, next time you modern art for sale online  or abstract paintings for exhibition, do not forget to see what the portfolio of the related artist is.

Omnipresence on internet

It is almost as easy to attract art lovers as it is to lose them. Today, when almost 60% of the entire world population is using social media and more than 80% have the internet access, it becomes impossible to oversee the use of these platforms in the promotion of your artwork.

Prepare a solid social media presence by strongly and creatively making your profile on image-based daises such as Pinterest and Instagram. Facebook and Twitter are the platforms where you can meet likeminded people and bolster your connection.

In addition to this, you can also submit your work to prominent online art galleries. These online channels not only promote your art but also harness the power of digital marketing to make your work reach more people. These platforms implement impressive SEO tactics to increment the visibility of your artwork on search engines.

Along with this, developing a website or a blog of your own as an artist would uplift your online visibility to an apex level. You can showcase all your artworks here and even put ‘modern art for sale’ sign if you are focused on producing abstract paintings. Post this, include the website’s domain on your business card and email signature.

Participate in art competitions

Before any success comes a long road of struggle, hard work, failures, and immense motivation. Motivate yourself as an artist. Take active participation in the art competitions as these events can elevate your repute and can earn you the required limelight you need as an artist.

Apart from this, creating a solid art networkcan remarkably shoot up your chances of successfully promoting your hard work.