Many people have adopted a healthy lifestyle of eating healthier foods, drinking enough water and, of course, exercising regularly.

This is a great trend since our modern lives tend to keep us sitting for most of the day, so physical activity is crucial for a healthy life.

However, as the summer ramps up, and temperatures soar, it is important to stay safe when exercising. We asked experts at Gym Palm Desert to share some tips on the best ways to keep yourself cool and safe during your workout when it is hot outside.

Wear Appropriate Gym Clothes

When you are working out, no matter if you are indoors at your gym, or outdoors, it is important to have appropriate clothes for exercising.

Typically, that means non-restricting clothes which will not interfere with your movement. However, when it is hot outside, it is really important to remember to wear lighter colors, as they are better at repelling strong sunlight. It will help with your thermoregulation.

Another important aspect of wearing suitable gym clothes is the material. Most experts agree that natural fibers such as cotton and linen are a far better option than synthetic materials because they help absorb sweat, further bolstering your thermoregulation.

If you are outdoors, running or doing exercises, consider protecting your eyes with sunglasses and wearing a hat to protect your head from the direct sunlight.

Don’t Forget Your Water Bottle

Drinking enough water is important every day, but it is especially important when you are working out. Simply put, sweating uses up a lot of water and you need to replenish it.

Generally, you should avoid sports drinks and sodas, as they are full of sugar and similar substances which are likely to have a diuretic property, causing you to lose even more water.

However, if you are working out a lot, you should consider the loss of various minerals which water alone cannot replenish. In those cases, proper diet is important, but you can also use mineral-rich drinks, just make sure they are not full of sugar.

Be Mindful of the Weather Forecast

Working out is great and you should strive to be regular, but when the temperatures and other weather conditions are unfavorable, you should consider skipping, or at least being extra careful.

High humidity and heat can be a dangerous combination even for an experienced athlete, so make sure to double-check the weather forecast and adapt your plans accordingly. Maybe skip your outdoor run and visit a gym for an air-conditioned workout which will not drain you as much.

Do You Know Your Body

If you do decide to workout outdoors, make sure that you know to recognize the signs your body is sending you. At a basic level, that means know when to stop for a break and a drink of water.

However, another important thing to be able to recognize are the signs of sunstroke and other heat-induced health problems.

According to personal trainers we spoke to, the milder form of heat-induced problems will likely manifest with heavy sweating, cramps, fatigue, and dizziness. Your pulse may be weak and irregular, which should be the biggest indication that something is wrong.

If you don’t stop and take care of the situation, you may experience a heatstroke, which is a serious condition. Your body temperature can rise to 100 or higher in a short span of time, your skin will become dry and hot to touch. The pulse will speed up, but will remain weak. You will feel confused and weak, and you may lose consciousness.

Staying active is meant to improve your health, but you should keep in mind that staying safe in hot weather is more important than working out.