A conveyor system is a crucial part of any warehouse. Keeping your conveyor system optimized can help in preventing breakdowns. Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to ensure that the conveyor is optimally maintained.

Practice Preventive Maintenance

The first and foremost tip is to regularly maintain the conveyor system. This will stop it from running dry or any other damage that can get worse with time. Ensure that you carry out regular checkups.

Keep a set of spares on site

It is important to have a full set of spares to keep the system running smoothly. Each part of the conveyor has to be fully functional. This is because even if one part fails, the entire conveyor will stop working. Always keep spare parts handy as they can take a really long time to be ordered. You certainly do not want to be waiting for over 6 months for the conveyor to start working again.

Keep the system clean

You should make it point to always keep the roller conveyor systems clean. Remove any foreign objects as and when you notice them. You can easily increase the longevity of your conveyor by keeping it clean at all times. Did you know that an unclean conveyor is more prone to slipping? Keep a tab on it well before it causes any apparent damage. This is a crucial part of any preventive maintenance.

Refer to manuals and documentation

You get the manuals and documentation while purchasing conveyor belts. These documents have all the necessary information about maintenance. Make sure that your staff has access to these manuals so that they know how to best operate it. The documentation will also help in rectifying any issues that you might face.

Document all maintenance

It is indeed a good idea to keep a tab on all the maintenance that you might have done so far. Each time you make some repairs, note it down. This will be helpful as your staff would know about the history of the conveyor systems.

Repair Wisely

It can be tough to maintain a conveyor. You should know how to repair the conveyor well in time. For instance, if the bearing of the conveyor is not functioning well, you would usually just repair the bearing. This is a cost-effective method. However, a smarter approach here would be to replace the bearings as well as the pulley. Many steel fabricators Melbourne suggest fixing things intelligently.

Don’t misuse the conveyor

Conveyor systems are carefully designed only to serve a certain purpose. The weight per meter, type of product and product dimensions should be relevant for use. If you use a product which is not supposed to be used on a conveyor, then it could worsen the situation. You might not know that a simple act of using wrong products can do so much harm. For instance, it can also lead to jamming, motor failures and cause undue wear on the belt. It is best to keep the conveyor belt risk free by only using products that are meant to be used.

Thus, with the above-mentioned tips, you can maintain a conveyor system and make it last much longer than what the company claims. Begin by practicing preventive maintenance, always have a bunch of spare part handy, and keep the system clean. When you need any help you can always refer to the manuals and document each repair diligently. Lastly, use only relevant products on the conveyor systems and repair it wisely. You might need some time to learn how to maintain the conveyor systems but the sooner you start the better it is.