One amongst the superlatively enjoyable comforts to the human race is the great invention of hot water services. What can be more comforting as compared to a hot water shower or water bath on an extremely chilled morning or when you return home tired from work. Hence, if the hot water service starts to malfunction or stops working then you must get it reinstalled or repaired.  So, here are a few tips for effective hot water service installation, maintenance, and repair.

Type of hot water service: While installing a new hot water service, the first thing that you must be aware of is to choose the right water heater. The best water heaters can be gas-fueled or electric-powered. You can choose the one as per your choice and preference. Sometimes a gas water heater costs way lesser to operate as compared to an electric water heater. You can preferably check the ratings on the one you are looking forward to installing. In case your house does not have gas service to it, then the only practical option for opting for hot water service in your house is the one which runs by electrical power.

Measurement of dimensions: The next thing in the list which you should necessarily take care of is the plumbing by measuring all the dimensions of the cold and hot water pipes which presently exist in the house and you need to ensure that a new heater is the most appropriate fit to your existing pipeline infrastructure. Depending on the actual age of the house, you are also requiring to purchase some couplers in order to make the pipes fit in an appropriate manner.

Safety tips to follow when repairing or installing: Prior to starting any of the repairing works on your hot water service, you need to necessarily turn off the utilities attached to the unit if this is powered by electricity or gas. Once this is turned off, you can then drain the hot water tank and then disconnect the old cold and hot water pipe connectors. In order to drain out the water that remained in the tank, you can hook up a hose to the outlet at the tank’s bottom portion and then drain off the water outside into the drain.

Other provisions to be taken care of: When the old unit is completely drained off the remaining water & then successfully disconnected, then you may remove this to hot water service unLike room for the new unit. Next, you need to install all the fittings to the newt like the pressure and temperature relief valve if they are not already installed. Then you can connect the water lines to ensure that use the proper procedures so that you do not have any leakages when you opt to fill the new tank. Next, you need to connect the water lines in order to ensure the proper procedures so that you do not have any leakages when you fill the new tank.

This is a great idea to insulate your water heater tank with a water heater tank blanket. This helps in insulating the hot water service tank very effectively. This particular step can practically lower the overall costs in order to keep the water in the tank hot whenever you require it.


While this is possible to install a new unit on your own, hiring a plumbing professional is undoubtedly the best way of saving your valuable time as well as your hard-earned wealth in the long run unless you are experienced in plumbing repairs and maintenance.