Water is soothing. Whether you’re at the beach, by a lake, or sitting by a stream, water has the tendency to soothe tensions and encourage relaxation. The potential reasons for this might be impossible to determine, but water has this tendency on the human heart, and so it’s not uncommon for gardeners to want to install a garden pond. A small to medium sized water feature that allows for peaceful and quite relaxation times in the back yard. But before you rent a Bobcat and start digging, here are some tips and tricks to make your pond beautiful.

*    Choose Carefully!

The first and most important thing to consider is location. You may have always wanted a pond under a tree in your yard, but consider that the tree will likely drop leaves into the pond all year long. If you still want it, remember you’ll be cleaning the pond on a daily basis. So location for the pond is critical. Find an open area with no slope where the pond can be seen, admired, and enjoyed.

*    Size Matters

The size of your pond is a major hurdle to think through. Obviously space is a limiting factor, but so is irrigation and water supply. If you’re using well water and you have a submersible well pump, you’re likely going to be able to make the pond any size you like. However, you’ll need to be certain that the pond dimensions will still allow for edging, and potential seating around the pond if you’re planning to enjoy it with friends. So consider your pond size carefully.

*    Use a Quality Liner

Liners are critical. Even if you’re using a pre-form shell, the soil under the shell will require a liner to be placed under it. Don’t go cheap on the liner. The liner protects the preform shell from intrusive root growth, plant and animal life, etc. Use a liner that is top of the line to protect your pond for years to come. If you’re going to build a custom pond without a preform shell, you’ll want to doubly ensure that your liner is of the best quality.

*    Consider a pre-form shell

Preform pond shells come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The advantage of a preform shell is the ease and simplicity of installation that it provides. A custom shell requires extensive ground work and cement pouring, which increases the cost of the pond dramatically. You may not be able to find the exact shape or size you’ve always dreamed of, but the cost and hassle savings of a preform shell will more than make up for the compromise.

*    Use Algaecide

This should go without saying. Unless you want government authorities coming to remove your pond for you, take care of the water. Use an algaecide that keeps plant life in your pond at bay. If you don’t want to use the chemical systems to kill algae and other life forms, consider using a light pond tint. Pond tint causes less sunlight to shine under the water, thereby choking out the plant life. However, if you’re wanting a natural looking color to your pond water, you’ll just have to deal with the chemical plant killers. A quality filter can also help to correct these issues, since filters are made to remove debris and other small items that can become landing spots for algae. If you’re considering using a filter, though, remember that you’ll need to take the time to maintain, check and change the filter periodically.

*    Remove Lime

One of the great killers of ponds is lime. Hard water deposits can cause the pond to look unsightly with lines around the edge and can also cause damage to your machinery if you have a pump for a fountain or a filter to clean the water. In almost every case, a simple lime remover will deal with this problem quickly. You’ll need to be on a consistent schedule for adding the lime remover to the water, but it will nevertheless be a needed item.

*    Edging Stone is Nice

Last but not least, consider a wide edging stone. While this may reduce the overall pond size, a wider edging stone allows for more usability of the pond and also highlights the water features in the pond.

Following these simple tips and tricks will help your pond to be something of beauty that lasts for a long time. Building a pond is expensive and you don’t want to do all the hard work to install a pond, only to find that the pond has leaked or the water is too dirty to keep. Preparing in advance and excellent maintenance will ensure that your pond continues to be a place of peace, rest, and relaxation for you and your whole family.