Planning the flooring of a home can be a bit confusing as there are multiple options available these days and each of these have their own set of benefits. One such option is the timber flooring which tends to surpass the number of benefits offered by other types of flooring. This has gained popularity with the passing of time and is now one of the preferred choices for most of the homeowners. Moreover, it is also frequently recommended by most of the interior designers and architects.

10 Benefits of Timber Flooring:

Listed below are the many benefits offered by timber flooring. This can work as a convincing factor for most homeowners.

1. Appearance:

A floor can enhance the total look of a home. Timber is one material which transforms a house into a home due to its warm vibes. The home is aesthetically pleasing and is more elegant and classy with this flooring. There is no tension of replacing this, as it never seems to go out of fashion.

2. Durability and Strength:

Timber is definitely a strong material which works apt for all types of flooring. It is one material which can last for decades, if not longer, without getting damaged in any way.

3. Increase in Value:

Installing timber flooring increases the value of a home since this is a favored choice of most homeowners and is durable and long lasting. Reselling a home gets easier with this flooring.

4. Cleaning and Maintenance:

Low maintenance is all what timber flooring is all about. It is difficult to devote much time to the cleanliness of a flooring these days due to the hectic lifestyle of most of us. You need to be aware that this flooring does not attract fungus or mold like carpets and thus can be termed as ‘easy’ maintenance.

5. Damage Control:

There is a possibility of the timber flooring getting scratched or stained after heavy wear and tear. Damage control is easy and quick as all this requires is re-sealing.

6. Odorless:

There is a possibility of carpets emitting a foul odor due to spills and pet crap. But, this is not so with the timber flooring. All that is required is wiping off the spill immediately.

7. Different Choices:

You have multiple choices in colors, styles and finishes in timber flooring. This means, you can opt for a color and finish which blends well with the rest of the house. You also have the choice between the unfinished or the pre finished timber flooring.

8. Hygienic Flooring:

Hygiene is one factor which tends to be overlooked by most homeowners where the flooring is concerned. Timber is one material which does not harbor allergens or mites. This works well especially for those suffering from different allergies.

9. Affordable Option:

Timber is not a ‘rich’ man’s choice as believed by many.  It is one type of flooring which can fit into all types of budget as there are multiple choices available here.

10. Eco Friendly:

Timber harvesting has improved with the passing of time. Keeping this in mind and also the different rules about wooden flooring, timber works out safe for the environment.

Choosing Manufacturers of Timber Flooring:

As this flooring is fast gaining popularity you have multiple manufacturers offering you timber flooring. You need to ensure to make the right choice by keeping the quality factor in mind. Before opting for a specific manufacturer of this flooring you need to compare the different prices too. This can be easy when you conduct an online search. A little effort taken can ensure you have the flooring of your choice at a reasonable cost.