Every activity in our world has some accompanying myths going with them; for instance, those who love climbing mountains will know about the mythical Yeti or those who are into seafaring will have heard of the Kraken. Similarly, bodybuilding has also accumulated certain myths over the years, while some of them have some amount of truth in them, others are blatant falsifications entirely. It is the time that you learned what fact is and what is fiction, and we will be doing just that in this article, where I will try to bust some of the most common bodybuilding myths.

  1. Stopping your workout regimen will make your muscles turn into fat: This myth is utterly false, it is perpetuated by those people who do not want to start lifting weights themselves and hence use this as an excuse for not doing so. There isn’t any known body mechanism that can turn muscles efficiently into fat when someone stops their regimen. However, it is true that when someone stops their workout, the muscle mass decreases because of lack of any stimulation. Without exercising and not maintaining proper diet will make anyone fat. Thus what happens is an improper diet followed with lack of exercising which will result in someone who has stopped working out to gain weight and become fat. Hence, when we find someone who might have once had a chiseled physique but now has become fat, the reason is simple: not having a proper diet, instead of having lots of calories and doing minimal exercising.
  2. For bodybuilding you need to maintain a strict diet throughout the year: This is one of those myths that have developed because of bodybuilding-related publications which want people to think that bodybuilder always eat low carb, low fat, high protein, healthy food throughout the year. However, it is impossible for a bodybuilder to get all his nutrition from clean sources. Bodybuilders eat everything that an average person eats like pizzas, ice creams, but they control their diet and workout regularly which helps in burning off extra fat and calories. The key here is in maintaining a balance between eating and exercising.
  3. Bodybuilders do not have enough raw power: This is an absurd myth that has mainly developed because people who have never gone to a gym. Strength is variable, while some people can lift 500lbs in the bench press, others can do 500lb squats. While not all who workout get to lift very high weights, but it can be taken for granted that the average bodybuilder is much stronger than an average person, simply because they have more muscle mass. Someone who has more muscle mass will naturally have more strength and power than someone who has lesser muscle mass. It is common logic.

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These are some common myths which surround bodybuilding and working out. Many people get swayed by these, but you should not pay any heed to them as they are only myths, nothing factual about them.