There are a variety of reasons why several people are getting interested in the Japanese language these days. Anime or manga is one of the top reasons for this interest. Apart from this, there are also youngsters who have become interested to learn after playing Japanese games. Similarly, foodies have realized the relevance of language by virtue of their interest in Japanese cuisine. Whatever be your reason, the Internet will act as the biggest source of inspiration for you.

Many people are introverts to begin with, making it difficult for them to go and speak to the Japanese, if present around. This is exactly where the Internet comes into picture, helping you select the Best Japanese Language Course. You may also choose the duration of the course as per your convenience.

Top reasons to learn Japanese

Not only is Japanese a very useful language, but it is also the window to an intriguing culture. Here are the reasons for any person to be inspired to learn Japanese:

  1. Gateway to new businesses – Planning to expand your existing business into Japan? If yes, then knowing the local language will be immensely helpful in getting ahead. Being the third largest country in the world on the basis of GDP, money spent by the Japanese people on consumer goods is worth billions. Through knowledge of the local language, you will easily be able to interact with business partners, employers, and potential customers for business growth.
  2. Helps learn other Asian languages – Though a relatively difficult language, it acts as a gateway to other Asian languages. There are three different characters in this language, and forms of speech vary based upon context. However, once one learns to differentiate characters from Korean and Chinese, it becomes simpler to learn them as well.
  3. Sets you apart from the crowd – Learning Japanese keeps you at a level different from others, especially when in the Western Hemisphere. English speakers commonly like to learn French, Spanish, German and Italian since these are easier than others and are also in schools. Learning and practicing a tough language like Japanese will help you get work opportunities possibily unavailable to most others.
  4. Enjoy several exclusives – Japan gets the best versions of video games, anime and manga in the world. It also has new figurines and toys, limited collector’s editions of anime movies, and special edition game consoles. All manga fans will receive early access to volumes which normally take several months for translation. Of course, it is always special to consume a media in its original form, as its creator originally intended it.
  5. Find more friends – Though some people in Japan can speak English, the majority of the country’s residents are not quite comfortable with the language. In fact, there are many who do not speak English out of humility or low confidence. Though natives of the country are friendly, they are known to take more initiatives if they know your familiarity with their language. Talking to more local people will naturally help you make more friends.
  6. Know about technology – The Japanese have been known to be innovators for as long as most of us can remember. An example of this is the revolutionary Bullet Train, which travels at a speed above 300 kmph and was the fastest train in the world for a long time. If you are interested in technology R&D, knowing the language will certainly help you understand the techniques well.

Some of the learners have interesting reasons to learn Japanese. For example, some of them look to master the language with the aim of becoming volunteers for the 2020 Japanese Olympics. Women who might want to stay with their husbands who have work assignments in the country may also be interested to take up the language course from a reputed institute. 

Customized Japanese courses

Japanese courses here are designed on the basis of why the customer wants to learn it. Facilities offered at the best Japanese language centers include:

  • Japanese language etiquette coaching
  • Bilingual staffing services
  • Language interpretation
  • Language translation services for documents
  • Online live training programs
  • Translation-based workshops

Knowledge of a language is the best insight into the culture of the place in question. For example, you will get to know that Tsuyu is the name given to the Japanese rainy season. During this time, clothes that are most comfortable and fashionable include oversized cotton blouses, tees, while wide leg pants are ideal for lower halves.

Similar to the above, the launch of Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift has showcased the skills of Japanese drifters. Today, people are aware of powerful Japanese sports cars like the Toyota Supra, Nissan GTR, Lexus RC, Mazda RX-8, and more. Anyone wanting to work in any of these companies may need to learn Japanese.