If you are looking for a way, out to increase your home’s sleeping area, getting a wall bed might be one of the best investments you can potentially make. Be it inviting houseguests without an extra guest room or a child’s small bedroom, and a perfect wall bed could be the answer to your planning.

 Many also term wall beds as murphy beds. Wall beds are best known for their ability to size up by folding against the wall and making floor space when not used by anyone. Nowadays, wall beds have way more applications put to use than just in small studio-sized apartments. You can squeeze a murphy bed for your residence and set it for better use. These are some of the significant applications of walls beds.

Opens Up More Space

The prime fundamental reason to buy a wall bed is to create and open up more space for you to put the area to other users or to create dead space. With its vital ability to hide the bed, you can save and prevent wasting valuable floor space during times you do not potentially occupy the bed, like daytime. This gives you more room to do other activities like exercising, playing, and spending time on other multiple events other than sleeping. Wall beds in Melbourne Australia are perfect for getting your first wall bed.


Wall beds allow you to imply multiple purposes within a single room. For example, wall beds in your office or study room can turn itself into a temporary guestroom with the snap of a finger. In that way, you do not give in too much space and waste an entire room when your guests, friends, or family are staying. The murphy bed in your child’s room can comfortably accommodate more room for playing during day time. This is easily a lifehack if you do not have a special place for your kid to get outside for any activity.


Walls beds are making a comeback; they are being manufactured with better designs than before. Most wall beds are even featuring wall-mounting systems, which do little to no damage to the walls, so you can relocate the bed if necessary. To hold the beads in place without much movement keeping it stable and secure, straps are given along with the beds. These straps allow you to easily fold the mattress once you finish occupying them, without the need to replace bedsheets on a nightly basis. 

Notable Designs

  • The library wall bed comes with an elegant bookshelf. The shelves in the center move apart when guests and friends are ready to sleep or occupy the bed. A single person can operate this bed without a hassle. 
  • The bi-fold wall bed is another of the bed where the bi-fold doors open concealing a wall bed so that you can sleep comfortably in your queen-sized wall bed.
  • The fill-up desk bed is a perfect bed setup for your office or bedroom. This wall bed design comes with a flip-up desk on the other side of the mattress.