Have you been considering doing dry January? For the past few years now, dry January has been very popular. That’s because a lot of us drink a bit too much over the Christmas period and new year. After all that indulgence, not drinking for a month is a great way to get your health back on track for the new year. But there are many other reasons why you should consider dry January. One of the best is that your whole family will benefit. Not sure how? Here’s why.

You Will Have More Money

If you and your partner don’t drink for a whole month, you will save a lot of money. After all, you won’t be buying any alcohol during your weekly shop, and you won’t be buying expensive alcoholic drinks on a night out. That means you will have a lot more money to enjoy with your family. You could use it on days out with the kids. Alternatively, why not save up all the money you save and invest it to improve your family’s financial situation?

You’ll Have A Lot More Energy

When you stop drinking alcohol for a prolonged period of time, your body flushes out all the nasty toxins that are in it. These toxins can cause you to feel quite lethargic and tired a lot of the time. Thankfully, once you stop drinking and your body flushes all of them out, you will find that you have a lot more energy each day. You can then enjoy playing sports with your kids more often and taking them on fun adventures! You will also feel that this is a great advantage at work because you will have a lot more energy to get your work done. As you can see, not drinking for a month can benefit both your personal and professional life!


You’ll Be Safer

It can be too tempting to drive home from a night out if you have only had a few beers or wines. However, this is extremely dangerous, and in most cases illegal. If you are caught by the police, you will need to pay for lawyers and attorneys for DWI, and could end up in court. You may even cause a serious road traffic accident, and put people’s lives at risks. Don’t risk that this January; stop drinking.

You Won’t Suffer From Hangovers

Looking after children and suffering from a hangover just don’t go together at all. You will just want to stay in bed all day, but your kids will need looking after and plenty of attention. So, you will be very pleased to hear that you don’t have to worry about hangovers in dry January! As you won’t be drinking at all, there is no way that you will wake up with one. You can be happy knowing that you will wake up feeling very refreshed and ready to face anything your kids may throw at you!

Have a stress-free January in 2017, and give up the alcohol for a month!