When it comes to getting a lip enhancement job done, you may need to consider a number of factors. But mainly, you need to consider the fullness and shape of your lips. You might think of creating either the temporary effects by plumping lipsticks or the permanent effects through surgery.


Here’s a lowdown on the different processes of getting plump and the most kissable lips.


Dermal filers are used by plumping injections for enhancing fuller lips. Injections can restore the original structure by removing the lines and the result will last till six months. The whole processes can be painful and it requires a local anaesthesia with an injection or a cream like the dentist. You may, however , face side effects like tenderness swollen lips bruising after the treatment. You may repeat undergoing a derma filler treatment again, after the effect is gone. But make sure that you get it done from a reliable Lip enhancement Newcastle company.


If you want a temporary result which will last for some hour for a special occasion , then you can use plumping lipsticks and cream. This will give you a youthful look. you may go through some before and after photos of the treatment with a long lasting effects. Some woman may not want “trout lips” as for some celebrities to avoid reticulation for the press.


Even more if you still want a permanent result by undergoing surgery you may consider implantment of the lip. There are two processes, one, the lips are cut and synthetic strips are inserted by cutting and stitching. Otherwise you may remove the fat from any other part of your body and insert it into the lips this process may get repeated as it may absorb some fat to remove the fullness.


Lip augmentation may occur by injection the doctor may inject some pigment in the outer line of the dermal lair. The outer lair of the lip may appear thicker and it may also give colour to the area.

Why would someone want this done?

  • PERMANENT SOLUTION: Sometimes the colour of the lip gets fade with sun exposure .constant colouring may smudge expensive smear and get on your teeth. Pigmentation may make your lips naturally coloured.
  • PERFECTION OF YOUR MOUTH: The procedure may change the contour as some people do not like straight or thin shape of their mouth. They may want perfect pictures for common magazines and movies.
  • KEY OF YOUTHFULLNESS: You will be able to get the shape of the mouth you want without any risk or using excusive product , thus messing your look. This look gives the appearance of attractiveness and youth which everybody wants.
  • CHANGING THE SHAPE AND GIVING A BETTER APPEARENCE: This lip injection not only makes your lips fuller and darker it may also make your mouth look symmetrical. Before doing the whole process you may ask your doctor about your expectations and the exact result you want. The lip is not like the other parts your body so it is predictable with huge accuracy.
  • DISSCUSSION POINT FOR YOUR FINAL DECESSION: Your doctor or sergeant is answerable to you of his/ her procedurelicense and experience in the area. If you go for a lip enhancement then you must find out all the details and you know up to what you can expect. Definitely it will improve the perception of your appearance and would simply fix a common problem.

Fuller lips have become a trend of the time. But it may lead to complications, if not done properly by an expert. For going to a permanent solution you may first look for the temporary one. Also get some suggestions of the before and after treatment from the doctor. It may help you to recover fast after the treatment.