With so many major sporting events taking place around the world, it’s a great time to think about planning a trip overseas, giving you a chance to explore a new country and watch some world class sport live.

What’s on this year?

There are plenty of regular sporting fixtures like Tennis Grand Slams, Golf’s Majors, the Tour de France; if you’re a motor racing fan the Formula One circus visits 21 countries covering every continent. There are also some mouth-watering special events on this year. England’s Rugby tour of South Africa is sure to be a highlight, as the Springboks take on England in June. The Commonwealth Games are taking place on Australia’s Gold Coast in April, and of course, the football World Cup is on in Russia this summer.


First off you need to sort out your passport and travel documents, just the same as for any other foreign trip. Make sure you have all the tickets for your event and any additional ID you may be asked to show. It will allow you to have hassle free travel during the trip.

Check whether you need any vaccinations for your country of choice, and do some research on the country’s customs and any laws you need to abide by that might not apply in your own country, for example, dress codes. You also need to consider what the climate and weather conditions are likely to be at the time of year you’re going and pack accordingly.

Where to stay

There are plenty of hotels of course, or you could go for something a bit different. You could opt for a self-catering holiday in a private house or villa, many of which are in some spectacular locations. It is a good option if you plan to travel with another fa mily or group of friends. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can go camping – many campsites are in the heart of the countryside, giving you a chance to get close to the native flora and fauna.

Getting around

You can hire a car or a people carrier from a host of hire companies that will probably be familiar. You could also hire a campervan, which is a good plan if you want to travel around the country and explore. However, if you can’t be bothered with the hassle of hiring, you could consider buying a vehicle for the duration of the trip. It’s easy enough to find something suitable like a used Toyota Fortuner for sale online that can be used for the vacation and then sold on. Public transport will be available in the cities and possibly further afield depending on your location. Before you go, have a look at what the public transport is like where you’re going and whether it would be a suitable option for you and your companions.

Attending a world-class sporting event in a new country is a real adventure and combines two of the best experiences you can have in one magical package. Choose your sport and book your flights; it will be a trip to remember!

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