Many people ask whether it is okay to buy underwear online. The answer is yes, it is perfectly fine to order your underwear online, but you have to know your right size. It will not be as easy as when you would walk into a brick and mortar store, but buying underwear online has its benefits and conveniences. You will not have to drive down to the store to buy what you need. The best thing about buying your underclothes online is that there are so many options for you. You will literary be spoilt for choice.

Here are things to look for:

It is all about size :

No one likes sagging or too tight underwear whether you buy online or offline. It is just one of those garments that have to fit perfectly. So when buying your underwear online, the very first feature to look for in the online store or website is a size calculator. Most fashion websites have one. If they do not, you can move on and try elsewhere. However, even with the most sophisticated calculator, find a balance between the suggestions for fitting provided on the website, and your personal preferences. Do take your time too especially when choosing women’s underwear. Buying in a hurry can leave you with ill-fitting underwear.

Look under different stores :

The main benefit of buying underwear online is that even if you do not find everything under one roof, you can move from one store to another by the click of your mouse button. Be sure to look for underwear in different stores online. You will also find that some online underwear retailers have a universal system for the size that is designed to help customers find their perfect fit. When you do not shop around widely, you can never know what you are missing. If you have a long list of underwear that you need to buy, shop around widely.

Look for specialty online stores :

This is another factor to help you get the right underwear online. When you need a piece of underwear, say, for example, a corset, it would be so much better to buy from an online store that specializes in corsets as opposed to buying from a store that sells everything. The same applies to buying hygienic underwear like bras, panties, and boxers. However, it is not entirely bad to buy from a store that brings everything under one roof. It is only that a store specializing in one type of underwear is bound to serve you better than the others.

Look for a store with a return policy :

Buying underwear or any other garment on the internet is a very sensitive matter. While the online retailer may have the best intentions, sometimes things just do not work out. You may think that you have your size pinned just right, only to find out that it is not. Look for a store that has a return policy. That way, if the underwear fails to meet your size needs, you can return it and get a refund or a replacement. Read the terms governing the return policy so that you go by them to qualify for a refund.

Look for the brand’s e-commerce site :

Look for underwear in the brand’s ecommerce site. Ok, many brands have appointed retailers where you can get their merchandise. However, due to the nature of his/her business, a retailer will only stock a few pieces of many brands. This is a hindrance to the buyer who wants as many color or size varieties as possible. The good thing though is that even as they work with other retailers, brands also have an ecommerce section on their site where they offer the same merchandise but in bigger varieties, selections and colors.