The responsibility of maintaining your AGA cookers can be really tasking. Be it just installation, servicing, repair or as simple as cleaning, it requires efficient and effective maintenance so that it can last longer and be supportive in cooking your favourite delicacies.

There are a number of things that need to be kept in mind when you’re planning to get your AGA services booked. Apart from the daily minute cleaning that your AGA requires you to do, it also requires a half year or annual servicing depending on the type of AGA. For example, it is recommended that an oil AGA be serviced every six months and a gas AGA annually.

Now that you have decided whether or not you need to get your AGA serviced let’s look at some of the things you should keep in mind.

  1. Qualified and Certified Engineer

This is the most important point to keep in mind when you’re getting your AGA serviced, repaired or cleaned. For any of the AGA related services, the AGA service engineer should be a certified and qualified engineer. This can be determined by the company you get the engineer from or his certificates. The engineers should all be factory trained and experienced in dealing with AGA cookers. If you’re planning to get it serviced by an independent engineer, for example AEM Range Cooker Services, then make sure that he/ she has experience in AGA servicing and is qualified.

  1. Original Spares

When and if your AGA certified engineer is replacing parts of your AGA cooker, ensure that they are authentic and come with a guarantee. All original AGA spares come with a guarantee so make sure that your engineer is using original spares. Most of the renowned AGA servicing companies assure genuine spares.

  1. Insured and Gas Safe Registered Engineers

In the UK it is mandatory for all gas engineers to be on the Gas Safe Register. So your AGA service engineer should be registered with the Gas Safe Register, which is the official Gas Safe Registration body of the UK. Gas safe registered engineers have their unique licence number, which you can ask them to show at the time of service. This licence shows what kind of gas work they are qualified and allowed to do. Most of the qualified and reputed engineers also come with their own insurance.

  1. Rates

You can compare rates of AGA services between companies and independent AGA service engineers, but make sure that you go for quality over cost. Good engineers might come at a slightly higher cost, but their services might be more efficient and effective.

Keeping these tips in mind when you’re getting your AGA serviced, will come in handy to supervise your AGA servicing process and individual. However, this doesn’t mean that the daily efforts that go into maintaining an AGA disappear. The servicing of an AGA is required for the cleaning and servicing of those parts and areas where you cannot reach and require a professional hand. But the servicing of an AGA needs to go hand in hand with its daily maintenance which is in your hands.

Here are some tips for you to daily maintain your AGA cooker:

  1. Brush off the carbon dust on the main hot plates and metal pans. For tougher stains you can use wire brushes.
  2. You do not need to worry about liquid spills and boils that go under the top plate, as they will evaporate on their own.
  3. Do not use a cold wet cloth to clean any of the enamel. Use products like AGA enamel cleaner.
  4. The handrails and the lids can be cleaned using a damp soapy cloth.

These small tips can go a long way in keeping your AGA healthy, lasting and not ask for too much repairs.