If you’re buying a new pair of boxing gloves, and also happen to be an amateur in the world of boxing, it can become a daunting and challenging task. While numerous local dealers or online sites would claim to provide you the best quality of gloves suited to your needs, at the cheapest prices, it is essential to understand your needs, before you plunge into the purchase. Here are the considerations that need careful research and understanding:

  • Choose the Right Material: Manufacturers are in the habit of using vinyl and leather for making boxing gloves. Gloves made using vinyl are the most suitable for kids and beginners. Vinyl gloves are usually more affordable than their leather counterparts. Vinyl gloves usually have a Velcro closure which allows easy putting on and removing. Once a person has acquired certain boxing skills and learned beginner techniques, it is time for them to shift to more durable options, like leather, which lasts for a long period of time. Being expensive, they are recommended for professionals, who’d prefer longevity and quality. 
  • Pick the Correct Weight and Size: Once a person decides the material as well as the type of their boxing gloves, he or she needs to check its shape, size and weight. Typically, the weight of adult-sized boxing gloves is between 8oz and 20oz. You can choose from the three predominant sizes of the small, medium as well as large, according to your requirements. While the aforementioned weights are available for all gloves, the weight of sparring gloves usually ranges between 12oz and 20oz. A person’s glove weight matches with his or her body weight. A 10oz boxing glove is usually used for professional matches. 
  • Choose the Right Closure Alternatives: Boxing Gloves usually have 2 kinds of closures, which include either Velcro or lace-up. Velcro gloves are easy to put on and remove without the need for any external help, or assistance and hence are recommended for not only training and sparring but also heavy bag practice. Velcro gloves are powerful enough to bruise an arm or a face. Lace-up gloves are usually only used in professional matches due to the fact that they fit perfectly, have to be put on and removed with external assistance, and they risk zero chances of slippage under any conditions. 
  • Also, Invest in Inner Gloves: A person almost always needs to use either hand wraps or inner gloves before they’re about to try their new pair. Wearing only gloves will not provide the required protection. The inner gloves are created to absorb shock, to protect you against your opponent’s strikes. One should always check if their inner gloves are going well with the boxing gloves. 
  • Determine the Wrist Support you Require: Injuries during boxing is very common, to prevent such risks, it is essential to have a glove that equips you with the right amount of wrist support. Choose one that provides a wide cuff so that you can strap them up tight and ensure maximum support to your wrists. 
  • Shop From A Reputed Brand: To ensure the quality of the boxing Gloves, they should be manufactured by a well-known brand which has experience making boxing Gloves. A well-reputed brand ensures the product is made with quality, durable and ensures your safety under all costs.


A person who wants to buy boxing gloves needs to do prior research about the gloves and ensure that he/she is choosing the right one. He should also know what he is going to use it for so he can buy the perfect pair of gloves. He should know, beforehand, what kind, size and weight the gloves should be and needs to check the quality of the same. Many online websites let you understand your size needs by following a few specifications, or trying gloves o until they fit perfectly, and local nearby stores can also be an option.