A table is a piece of furniture which has a flat top with two or more legs which provides a flat base for putting something. It is a slab or a board on which food is served. A table serves multiple purposes including storing books and other essentials as well as studying. Of course it is the most commonly known household furniture item other than sofa sets for the living room, a bed or even a cabinet for storage.

The furniture industry at present is much competitive. The choices and the taste of the customers in buying all the furniture have improved among which the choice of the table is at the first place. Furniture companies have stepped up their game to improve table sales through creative design and multi-utility.

There are several types of tables that fall under various categories. They are Living Room Tables, Meal Tables, and Working Tables and so on. Under the Living Room Tables there come Coffee Tables, Accent Table, Console Table, Side Table and so on. Under the Meal Table there comes Dining Table, Kitchen Table, Bedside Table, Pub Table etc.

Tips to Improve the Sales in Tables

There are many steps by which the table sales can be increased from a very low rate to a higher one. They are as follows:

  1. Improving the brand: This is the first and foremost step of improving table sales. Table business needs improvements in their operations constantly, while they are promoting their brand.
  2. Distinctive image of the store: By finding the unique quality of the store the image of the store or brand is created in the eyes of the customers. The customers focus on goodwill of the manufacturer and believe in the number of years the brand or the business is running. They have a common tendency to choose a business which is already earning positive reviews.
  3. Unique style: The uniqueness in the style or design of tables or some environmental agenda to separates your business of table sales from the other business and offers new and valuable experiences to their potential customers.
  4. Inventory control: Poor customer satisfaction and items which are out-of-stock draws a negative impact on the business. The slower are the inventory moves of the selling of tables the lower the margin becomes. Through the points of sales analytics, the inventory in the business can be controlled.
  5. Building up loyalty: Retaining customer loyalty is very important. The referral program in the store will bring new customers to the stores and will make the old customers coming back repeatedly. More than 80% of the customers ask recommendations from other customers and rely on their comments blindly.
  6. Offers: Exciting offers and deals gear up the amount of purchase of the customers. It triggers up the number of customers coming into the store for purchase by making the sale and the profit level high.
  7. Make your customers feel special: This is the last but very important point for increasing your table sales. You can improve their experiences with your store by providing them with special treatments than rest other business. In this way, the customers will come back to your store or your website again and again.
  8.  Identifying the want of the customers: Sometimes the needs of the customers are not clear so you have to know their want first. You have to keep this in mind that if the needs or the wants of the customers are not satisfied then they will not buy your product and it will be a loss for your company.

If it is possible then let your customers know why you are selling that particular table in your store for which they are looking. Show the table fittings and the styles of all the tables in the décor theme or style of your sales website this will result in the savings of the styles of the customers. If one satisfies all these above-mentioned points then the table sales will surely improve resulting in the increase in the profit of your business.