Many couples are visiting Antalya on vacation and they want to spend their time useful and get some memorable senses and souvenirs too. Our company collected for couples some interesting tours, which will make your vacation better than you imagine and if you want to spend time with many funny activities you should join those tours, which we offer.

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Fire of Anatolia Troy

If you are interested in exploring Turkish sightseeing and culture, Antalya Fire of Anatolia Troy tour offers you a spectacular show that helps you to engage in Homer’s Troy’s hidden secrets. This show includes different costumes, dances and also music. In the evening, when the tour starts you will be taken from hotel to Aspendos Arena, where show starts. It was built in 2008 and since then there are hosting most cultural events in Turkey. There is the largest stage in the world and total capacity of people is 5000. In the show there is 64 dancers and this group is very popular. This group got two Guinness World Records, one in fastest dancing and one in the largest audience. During the show you will be able to get that energy, which show demonstrates. The troy story is created by Greek poet Homer and choreographer created on it 13 different dances, which will presented during the show and audience will learn about this story with this dancing, special music and costumes, which are telling story to them. When the story will end the vehicle will waiting for you and it will bring you to the hotel and this story will remember you for a long time.

Green Canyon Boat Trip

Couples who wants to relax and avoid crowds should join Antalya Green Canyon Boat Trip, which offers you beautiful view of nature and you will be able to sail in a crystal clear waters of the Green Lake. The tour starts when our driver takes you with comfortable vehicle toward the Green Canyon and then you will join boat, which will take first stop at the Oymapınar’s dam lake, which is the fifth largest dam in Turkey and there you will be able to take pictures. When this stop end boat will seal in green water of the lake and you will be amazed by this beautiful nature, which surrounds that lake. You should take memorable pictures of this amazing nature and also you can take sunbath on the boat. The next stop is for a lunch break at a lake-side restaurant, where they have very tasty meals. From restaurant you can also see the beautiful views and you can take pictures of it too. If you love fishing and want to try this activity, restaurant offers you to hire equipment or on a free time you can just relax in the nature of this lake. After this long break the boat will sail back to the point of starting, where vehicle will take you at your hotel.


If you don’t want to leave Antalya with mistakes you should try scuba dive, which offers you to dive in Mediterranean Sea and explore underwater world into this blue waters. When our driver brings you to the meeting destination you will meet there instructors and they will teach you some basics and also get you chance to demonstrate useful equipment properly. This trip includes a boat trip and two dives, which is for experienced and beginner divers too. The one dive lasts about 40 minutes, for safety reasons. The boat will wait you at the area of Kemer. There is a crystal water which makes you scuba dive perfect. In the water during diving you can observe some fishes, sea plants and fill yourself with spectacular images. If you get chance to swim with caretta-caretta turtles you are very lucky, because they are under protection in the region and are not many in the sea. When you end your both dives you will get a lunch break. If you are not ready to dive no worries you can anyway join this tour and just relax with this beautiful nature, enjoy with sun, swim or anything is possible to do. When boat will back to the port driver will takes you at your hotel and this memory will be satisfying for you.

Olympos Cable Car Tour

If you are interested in panoramic views over Antalya, Mediterranean Sea and mountaint you should try Antalya Olympos Cable Car Tour, which offers you 10 minutes travel over this beautiful region. Vehicle will take you from hotel on your scheduled time toward the Antalya National Park, where is this cable car station located. This cable cars maximum capacity is 80 people and the line’s length is 4359 meter, which will take duration about 10 minutes after you get top of Tahtali Mountain, which is at attitude of 2365 meters above the sea level. From there you will be able to see panoramic views of Antalya, mountain and Mediterranean Sea and this will relax you. Also you have chance to walk in the forest but not from far away of this area. There are shops too, where you can buy souvenirs or things which you like, or need. After this stop you will seat again on the Cable Car and go back to the first station, you have chance to see this panoramic views second time and relax more. When you approach to the station there vehicle will wait for you, which will bring you back to your hotel. This tour will be very long memorable experience on your Antalya vacation and if you are nature lover you will never forget this panoramic views.

Antalya is beautiful city of all kind of tourists, so the couples can spend their vacation there, but you need to join some tours, to explore more activities, which will make your holidays better and our company offers you some of them, which may interest you and if you contact us, we will do your maximum to help you to make your vacation as great as you imagine and when you leave Antalya, you will be amazed by this tours and by our service too.