If you think of Anna Maria Island, it is considered as a seven-mile-long Island with three beautiful cities bejeweled, shining: Bradenton Beach, Holmes Beach and Anna Maria. Each city you travel back to relaxed and laid back Florida of the 1960s. With eccentric things like mom-and-pop groceries and beautiful local shell shops and nice beachside beach motels, you will also witness the delicacies of gourmet restaurants with trendy waterfront housing and contemporary boutiques and intriguing galleries. All of these beauties of Anna Maria Island lay surrounded by the sparkling Gulf of Mexico. The place has a historical value and is popular for its food, art, jewelry, fishing and much more. This island is surrounded by the clear water from the Gulf of Mexico and is located in between Tampa Bay and Sarasota Bay.

There are plenty of activities one can do here including sunbathing, fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, visiting shops, and galleries, etc. There are many ways of discovering the Island including scooters or by boat. In addition to the activities on the Island, there are several on the waterways, like the Anna Maria Boat Tours, sandbar hopping and sunset cruises to name a few.

This article describes various activities that one can take up here including being able to enjoy a good boat tour on Anna Maria Island.

Things to do in Anna Maria Island

This is an island off the coast of Florida where one can bathe in the sunshine and indulge themselves in several activities like kayaking, wind or kite surfing, fishing, or simply enjoy one of the Anna Maria Boat Tours. It is also a good opportunity to spend some time getting to know the locals in the village, enjoy a good hike or explore the beach market at Coquina Beach.

  • Boat Tours: Anna Maria Boat Tours is the most popular attraction. The best way to enjoy a scenic tour is to opt for a two-hour boat ride on the waterways. For those with more time to spare it is recommended they spend up to 4 hours on a boat tour to experience the beauty. Exploring the waterways at sunset also an experience you do not want to miss especially by doing it in style by also sipping a good bottle of wine. It is a delight for the Dolphin lovers since there are also several Dolphin Tours in Anna Maria Island, FL. Those worried about the cost can rest assured that they are affordable and take place on good boats to increase the level of enjoyment.


  • Water sports:  Those with a spirit of adventure can enjoy Jet Ski tours.


  • Fishing: A boat outing to go fishing either solo or with the entire family is a good activity for those who love fishing. This place offers ample space and opportunity to fish and with the easy availability of live bait and artificial lures, it is bound to be one of the most memorable fishing expeditions.


  • Enjoy the Beaches: This is one island that is known for its gorgeous beaches and splendid view of the Gulf Coast. It is a natural oasis where one can enjoy white sand beaches, miles of beach to practice swimming, relaxing in the water, and go sunbathing or simply playing on the beach.


  • Kayaking: Kayaking is an adventure sport that is not for the light-hearted. The natural landscape of this island makes it the optimal place for kayaking and paddleboarding. It is possible for one to come up close with nature and enjoy the natural scenery, wild dolphins and turtles. It is also a way of experience the stunning sunset views and tranquility.


  • Historical Museum: This is a historical island which becomes clear with one visit to the Historical Museum. It is in an ice house that dates back to the 1920sand exhibits artifacts, maps, and photographs to depict the story of the first settlers of the Island, along with many other artifacts that help one understand the rich history of the island.


  • Snorkeling: Snorkeling is an activity that does not require a great deal of learning and is not that expensive. It also does not require a lot of gear, a snorkel mask with a tube and fins will suffice. It is easier than scuba diving which has a steep learning curve and is expensive. But it is necessary for one to be fit and a good swimmer. There is always the option of using a life jacket and remaining as close to the surface as possible. Best way to enjoy a snorkel trip would be to take a Boat Tour around Anna Maria with a captain that can take you to the best places.