Granted that with the many varieties of carpets and wall hangings, choosing the right one for your residence can be a real headache. And that’s putting it lightly when you are supposed to take into account the number of knots per square inch. Sure, you can always go for fabricated carpets but they rarely last long which is why you may want to go for hand-woven carpets given the durability and the design that goes with it. But when it comes to purchasing carpets, you may want to avoid making these simple mistakes as they could turn out to be expensive ones, in the long run.

  • Weight does not matter: When it comes to buying carpets, you mustn’t get hung up on the overall weight.  The only time that the weight matters is when you opt for carpet cleaning in Vancouver BC. A 10 OZ weight carpet can be of much better quality than a 50 OZ carpet so depending on the weight factor alone is a huge mistake as other factors come into color from knots per inch to the coloration used on the fibers themselves.
  • Underpad matters: If you are going in for carpet cleaning – the underpad would not matter much, and neither would it, for a reception. But the underpad is one of the essential parts of the carpet and protects it from all the wear and tear from all the foot traffic over the years. You may even be tempted to skimp on the underpad just so that you can save money and use it for something else like purchasing an antique lamp or a dress. But the underpad is one of the most essential parts of the carpet, one that can help keep your carpets clean, and new, and would make it last a lot longer than your usual run-of-the-mill carpet.
  • Making too many assumptions: One of the mistakes that most buyers make is making too many assumptions where the carpets are concerned. Apart from the one regarding the weight, most amateur carpet buyers tend to assume that the brighter the color, the more antique the carpet is and of better quality as well. In truth, professional carpet buyers know that the color they need to aim for is a faded version of red or blue and that it has to be several knots per inch if it is to stand a chance against others. And of course, most buyers tend to assume that just because two carpets look alike and happen to be in the same shade, they must be the same. They could not be more mistaken and chances are that they are composed of different fibers despite the resemblance.
  • Take the right measurements: When it comes to purchasing a carpet for the living room, the first thing that you need to do is to measure the living room accurately. You can always use the wiretap, to calculate the length, width, and even the depth of the room, And once you have the measurements, you can then calculate the dimensions of the carpet you need to purchase and opt to get the right-sized one.
  • Be wary of skeezy promos: Carpets are merchandise and like others, there will be skeezy promos, one that is eons removed from the truth. Just don’t get taken in by all the promos on the telly. Some may even advertise carpeting your whole home for just $39. That’s a con, just to reel you in and make you purchase something that you would not even

These are some of the things that you should refrain from doing when purchasing carpets. If you are keen on carpets, then you may want to learn a bit more about them and how to find a really good one.

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