Skip bins is a series of services that is joined together where the disposal waste takes place in the whole subcontinent. This was first an initiative by the government of the country and then adopted by most of the countries. 

  • This is one of the biggest joint efforts by both the people and the government to keep the clean and tidy. Initially the government was only taking care of the initiative but later even private companies and organizations were also allowed to get into this and earn some money through waste disposal. 
  • The importance of this is understood when you are told to have a covered dustbin at your homes as well to prevent insects and diseases. Well it is quite normal that you are not the only one who is disposing garbage every day as there are thousands of homes in your city and millions in the country doing the same every day. 
Skip Bins

Skip Bins

The whole process of Skip bins

There are steps in this process so let’s go stepwise:

  • Step 1:  The whole process of skip bins starts with you in your home or place of work where you need to keep a dustbin that is covered with a disposable plastic bag in it. Throw the waste material that is left over after cooking or working into the dustbin then tie the plastic bag tightly. Then you need to take it to the nearest dustbin that is on the ends of the roads and drop those bags that have garbage inside them into the huge dustbin. 
  • Step 2: Your work is over with the step 1 and now the people who are engaged in garbage disposal come up with a huge collection van and collect all the garbage from the big dustbins into a vehicle. Now there are two things that happen here which you need to know as well. 
  • Step 3: At times the garbage is taken to recycling units where they are used to make different things. Bottles and crushed aluminium cans are the perfect example of this as these are reusable items that can be recycled and used repeatedly. Then the remaining garbage is sent to outside the city where they are disposed of properly. In this way, there are no pollutants that are added to the environment, leading to the emergence of a clean city. 
  • Step 4: These garbage collection vans are also crushing vans as these are built to crush the garbage to the maximum to create more space for the remaining garbage from the city. Here everything is crushed no matter if it’s recyclable or not. 
Skip Bins

Skip Bins

  • Step 5: This is the final phase of garbage disposal where it reaches Skip bins where a huge pond like the hole is dug and lots of garbage is disposed of into them. These places are at times left open until they get fully filled up and they are then covered with sand or mud from above. 

Skip bins are not just a necessity it is a mandatory requirement of every country in the world. This is so far one of the best-known ways to dispose of waste and is inexpensive so if you are living in a city where there is a problem with garbage disposal then do try this.

Many high quality skip bin hire services are available and if you want proper rubbish removal then you can search online for good services at a competitive price range.