A well furnished ,clean and decorated bathroom is all that takes to set the mood for the day. It is where you spend most of your intimate time and get a chance to become one with yourself. From washing your hand to taking your shower, you start your day and end your day with it. So it becomes necessary to keep your bathroom well-equipped and organised at least for your own. It’s not just your space for the personal spa but also where you relax and relieve stress. A good bathroom with all the modern facilities could calm and comfort you during some of the worst times in life. Having said that let’s have a look at some of the must-have for your bathroom to keep it well organised and equipped.

Flushing toilet

The most common feature of a modern bathroom is the dual flush system that not only helps to conserve water but also offers great convenience. These days there are smart flush systems that run on electricity and has  remote-controlled operation. The slightest problem with the flush system could throw the entire sewerage system out of gear. So a decent flush system with ergonomic design will not only make your bathroom get a luxurious look, but some routine maintenance will ensure nothing goes wrong with the flush operation.

Hand Dryer

Paper towels have now been a thing of the past. Few use it as it is expensive and messy.

Also with paper towels, it’s easy to get contaminated with germs. A hand dryer, on the other hand, is efficient, and all you have to do is place your hand before the machine. These machines come with auto-sensing technology, so you don’t get contaminated with germs. Moreover, they are durable and compliment your decor very easily.  

Bath Mats

A bath mat is carefully designed to keep the floor non-slippery during a shower. The major cause of accidents in the bathroom is due to a slippery floor. A non-slip bath mat is a must have to avoid such incidents. It provides safety and convenience to a significant degree adding a contemporary vibe to your bathroom.


It is pointless to have a bathroom that doesn’t have a showerhead. A simple chrome coated shower greatly intensifies the looks of your bathroom and makes it appealing. Make sure to get a durable one which is made from premium grade materials that will offer outstanding functionality.

These showerheads come with attached shower filters to purify chlorine and other poisonous substances present in water which is a major issue in  water these days. Long-term exposure to these substances can have bad effects on your body. With a stylish shower head, you can enjoy intimate times with your loved ones.

Shower panel

The shower panels add fun to bathing. There are reasons you should do away with your old shower faucets. A shower panel has multiple features to let you shower in exciting ways to relieve anxiety and stress. You get options to control the volume of water, temperature and a host of other modern features. It’s a must when it comes to upgrading your bathroom.

Boiler system

There are reasons for having a boiler fitting in your bathroom. The aspect of aesthetics, space and comfort, are some benefits to name. Traditionally homes have a tank type water heating system that stores a certain amount of hot water on reserve in a tank. Since the water supply in these conventional water tanks is limited,  you may soon run out of hot water. Installing a boiler system will ensure you have unlimited supply whenever you need it. They work using Kartell radiators to heat the water; as a result, you get unlimited supply of hot water whenever you need.


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