Have you ever wondered what it is that causes your boyfriend/ husband/ partner to become irate for what seems like no reason? Most women probably have and the truth is, it could be you.

  • If your entire life revolves around your man then the likelihood is you’re smothering him and your relationship won’t last. Men love women in their lives just like you love them but at the same time they need the space to carry on enjoying their own hobbies and they want you to do the same.
  • Men hate bitchy women, so if you’re continually making comments and judging other women whether it’s because of their hair, their clothes or their attitude then you’ll slowly become even more attractive to the men that surround you.
  • In order for your relationship to be successful you need to love and respect yourself. Men hate women to be clingy and needy all of the time because they need their own space just like you, so you need to be confident enough to want your own independence.
  • Your friends and family are there for a reason, they should be the people that you vent your anger and concerns about, along with the things that bug you because although your boyfriend will be there for you when you need him – especially if something serious is going on – he doesn’t want to be your emotional support every day.
  • When men say they want you to spend time with your friends and enjoy your own hobbies sometimes too, that doesn’t always mean shopping. There’s not much that men hate more than women who think day and night about shopping so try and get a few different hobbies in order to make sure your life is well rounded.
  • As much as they want you to be independent, have your own hobbies and interests and not rely on them every day, men also want to be needed so don’t become too independent as that can be just as off putting as a woman who’s needy and clingy.
  • Men also hate jealous women; if you’re the person who’s constantly asking your partner whether they think that every woman that walks past you is pretty, they won’t thank you for it. Rather than acting cold towards women when your partner is talking to them, just be friendly because he’s with you and he’s not likely to go running off with anyone else unless you give him a reason to.

Grace Nelson had always found it difficult to keep a man until she stuck to these tips and registered with relationship.com