Now that you have spend all that money and purchased a brand new home, all that’s left is for you to move to your new residence. And of course, you need to hire good house movers who can move your stuff without any breakages and at the same time, not charge you a ransom for the same. Did you know that there are a few things that your house movers would probably not tell you? And that’s all the more reason that you would want to check out the rest of the article as it can help you save a few bucks in the process.

  • Flat fee vs hourly fee: It is always a good idea to go with a flat fee since opting for an hourly fee may result in your movers taking their own sweet time with the moving. That way, they can extend their billable hours and get paid more, for the same work. Additionally, this is a query that you may want to ask the moving company, right at the start. Additionally, you may want to search online for ‘ house movers Auckland, and this should get you some of the top ranked house movers in and around Auckland.
  • On site assembly: If you have a big piece of furniture, then the movers would dissemble it and assemble it later, at the new residence but they may also charge extra for the same. So that’s something that you would want to keep in mind – you can try dissembling it on your own and assembling it later at the new residence and that should save you some money in the process as well. Search online for moving trucks in Auckland and then you can use the SERPS and shop around for movers who can provide you with a competitive quote.
  • Get a break down of the estimate: The moving company would provide you with an estimate as regards their cost for moving your stuff from one area to another. That’s great but you may want to ask them to help break down the estimate so that you would have a ball park figure as regards their specific rates.
  • Shop around: More than any other industry you must definitely shop around to see who offers the most competitive quote, Find out if the moving firm throws in anything special, such as offering to arrange your stuff for free, or by providing you with a nice discount. Some of the moving firms do which is all the more reason that you need to check around.
  • Licensed: It is a good idea to hire a licensed company rather than an overnight outfit. They are going to handle all your valuable goods for you and help you relocate as well. So it only makes sense that you should go ahead with a moving firm that’s been in this business for long and also one that comes with a reasonable price tag for the move.
  • Take detailed pictures: It makes sense to take high definition and detailed pictures of all your stuff before and after the move. That way, you can always claim damages from the moving company if the movers should end up damaging a piece of furniture or an antique table lamp. Always be prepared for any eventuality and taking high resolution images, well before the move is one handy way to do just that.

These are some of the things that your house movers would never talk to you about. So do the required research online, and check out the various tips. By acting on these tips, you will find that you are able to save more money and at the same time, ensure that your movers are able to relocate your stuff easily. And of course, before selecting a house mover, you may also want to check out their various online reviews as that can help clue you in.