Whether you are looking to invest in the best cordless grease gun, pneumatic grease gun or even a corded grease gun, walking up to the store and picking the first one that crosses your eyes is not quite the ideal strategy. By doing this, you may end up getting a grease gun that barely caters to your needs or even lives for a shorter duration of time than what you had anticipated for.

To ensure that you land yourself the best “partner” for all your greasing needs, we took time to guide you on factors that you must consider to win yourself the best grease gun in the market. These factors will run through the most popular grease guns which include, battery powered grease guns, manual grease guns and pneumatic grease guns.

Among the factors to consider include,


Although you wish to get the big grease guns from the top shelf, setting a budget for the gun is crucial. Not only will this prevent you from overspending but also ensure that you save sufficient money while at it. However, although you wish to save some bucks, it would be wise to avoid the exaggeratedly cheaper counterparts.

This is due to the reason that some counterfeit goods may be presented for a well low price and thus may lead to short service or damages that may arise within a shorter duration of time. To avoid this, consider getting your equipment from known stores thus striking the best deals and getting an assurance that you invested in genuine goods.


Depending on the purpose of your grease gun, the gun you go for should vary in proportion to ensure optimal functioning of the “weapon” and also to contain enough grease to apply on various parts you ought to work on.

However, if you are looking to carry your grease gun around more often, getting a more sizable tool would be of much benefit as it would save you from carrying tiresome luggage.


To avoid getting a new grease gun every once in a while, investing in a good quality grease gun is recommended. To ensure that you strike yourself the best deals and get the most durable gun hence winning the “arms race”, consider reading several grease gun reviews to ensure that you get one with attributes that suit your daily needs best.


Whether you are looking to work from the workspace or to carry your grease gun around with you, need to get a grease gun that adequately satisfies your needs. Similarly, if you are working on more massive machinery, the gun you invest in has to be of the respective size to sufficiently cover your needs without having to refill your gun now and then.

Battery life

While cordless grease guns can be a great investment, having one with a short battery life can prove to be a frustrating investment. To avoid finding yourself in a position that would prove to be quite discomforting, ensure that you invest in a good grease gun fitted with a li-on battery as it lasts longer than its counterparts.

While at it, check for the voltage of the gun thus ensuring that you have adequate power to push grease into any vessels you may be working with.

Cord length

If you prefer the old style corded counterparts, the length of the cord is crucial to consider. If you get a gun with a short cable, you risk being unable to fix various parts or struggle with equipment while fitting grease into multiple sections.