There are a lot of different ideas floating around based on how to get fit and stay healthy. Want to lose weight? How about freezing it off? In New York, there are specialist clinics that will freeze the fat right off you. This isn’t quite as crazy as it sounds because basically the chemicals they use target fatty cells, and these are killed off. Everything else such as muscle and bone is left intact. When the fat cells die they drop off, and this allows you to lose weight. The best part is that the process occurs inside the body, so there’s absolutely no physical sign of the treatment. It has been suggested that this is what actors do when they need to lose weight fast for a role. However, depending on how much you want to lose, a process like this can take anywhere up to six months. So, it certainly isn’t instant, and it’s also quite expensive. It could be anything up to a few thousand for each treatment. If that’s out of your price range or sounds a little too crazy here are some other absurd fitness options that genuinely do work…and some that don’t.

Sup It Up

Health supplements are all the rage with fitness junkies. For some it’s about getting those vitamins, for others it’s the proteins. The idea is that you can take supplements with the good stuff that you’d typically find in healthy meals. However, in pill form, you cut out all the other rubbish and instead only get what’s good for you. You can also take pills easily while you’re exercising or beforehand without feeling ill. But just how effective are supplements? Well, it depends on which ones you’re taking. For instance, you might be using chemicals and artificially created supplements. Generally speaking, these aren’t going to be as effective or as good for you compared with natural vitamins and proteins. You might also want to think about the argument that most supplements work as a placebo. They have a short term effect because takers expect them too. It’s the same basic principle behind someone telling you you’ve taken drugs and your mind acting stoned. The pills had nothing to do with it, it’s all psychological. Again, though, it depends on what supplements you use. Make sure you check out some reviews before committing to a particular brand.

Liquid Love

You might have heard about the infamous liquid diets that are being promoted right now. Liquid diets are being used purely as a way for people to lose weight and lose weight fast. Despite the name, you might find that in the early stages you’re not eating a complete liquid diet. Instead, there will be days when you consume solid food, but it’s still quite dangerous. More controversially, some diets recommend days where you don’t eat anything at all. If you want an example of this Lily James was put on a liquid diet to match the appearance of the princess Cinderella for a role in 2015. Do these diets work? By consuming nothing but liquids, you can lose weight quickly, but it is also dangerous. You must make sure that the liquids you are consuming give you exactly what your body needs.

Pump It Up

A popular trend right now is to take testosterone supplements and increase the levels of this hormone in your body. It makes sense if you think about it on basic terms. Testosterone is linked to muscle growth and energy so by putting more in your body it should make you stronger and bigger. But is this really a good choice for you? Again, it does depend on the testosterone sup you use. In some cases, it’s going to have zero effects and others it could dramatically improve your level of performance. That said, you do have to be careful about how much you take. Don’t forget testosterone affects more than just your body. It affects your mind too. Taking high doses of testosterone will lead to muscle growth, but it could also make you act like a pubescent teenager on steroids.

Meditation And Mind Over Matter

You might have seen shows on TV where a man is able to pull a massive truck using brute strength. The explanation for how they do this is usually mind over matter. Believe it or not, research has shown that by meditating, you can increase your strength and stamina. However, let’s not kid ourselves here. Doing this is basically a way to break through what is commonly referred to as runner’s wall. It’s a way to maximize your potential rather than pushing past it.

We hope you find some of these crazy fitness fads interesting. You may want to try one of them and see what effect it has on your own level of fitness.