Lighting is a crucial aspect of a live event. Without correct lighting, it would be a mess on stage. People at the back will not know what is going on. If you are recording the event for future reference or advertising purposes, poor lighting will ruin everything.

Even the most experienced cinematographers will have a hard time filming an event without good stage lights. Whether you are organising a corporate event, concert, or other stage performance, these are some mistakes you need to avoid when deciding how to deal with lighting.

1. Asking the band or DJ to provide the lights:

Although the band or the DJ might have connections with lighting companies, you cannot rely on them to provide these things for you. Both these talents know a lot about music and performing on stage, but they should not extend help in selecting the best lights.

They do not know anything about lighting that is appropriate for an event. For most of them, when invited to perform, they arrive at a venue where the organisers have already finished setting everything up. You may ask for recommendations regarding lighting companies, but you still need to handle the job.

2. Expecting that your chosen venue will provide the lights:

You need to be clear about this detail with the venue you choose. Most sites do not offer lights, except if you are staging the event in a hotel with a small stage. For other places, they will only rent the venue out. It is up to you to think of creative ways to decorate the area and make it suitable for the event you are planning.

Even when some venues provide lights, they will only give you the necessary lighting equipment. You still need something of top quality to ensure fantastic results. Talk to the venue owner about lighting before you sign any contract. You also need to check the place to see what kind of lighting equipment would be suitable.

3. You settle for lights that are good enough:

In any event, settling for a mediocre option will not cut it. You need to choose lights that are of top quality. If you can partner with an Audio Visual Equipment Supplier, it will help you in many ways. The company will work with you to determine your needs in staging the event. Do not worry about the cost. The lights, along with the venue and sound equipment are the most crucial aspects of any live event. If you are going to splurge your budget on something in the process, the lighting equipment should be one of those things.

4. Do not forget to use RGBW LED chips:

RGBW is ike a rainbow of options you cannot miss. Plus, the current trend says that LED is the most wisest electronic to use. It not only saves more energy but also provides you with sophisticated choices on how to set your stage.

Not only that, you can control the mix of light electronically, you can create your own choice of colors and many others. When you are a novice you should use these chips so that you do not face any problem due to bad

5. Usage of unnecessary moving heads:

Moving heads create a big hype when you add it to chowcase an event. Plus it gives the event an elite look. So applying moving heads is surely an extra point; however, using too much of moving heads can sometimes spoil the vibe of the event. Incorrect placing or placing too much moving heads in a smaller space leads to clumisness in lighting, plus the creative designing projected cannot be understood properly.

Always place moving heads and lighting accoding to the dimension and space of the place. This knowledge helps alot in light designing. It also affects the still photography that are documented during the event.

If you cannot think about the right place to start and you feel like you have accepted a job that you are unable to fulfil, you do not need to worry. You can partner with event planners to help you make this activity a success. Their expertise and knowledge in staging an event will make you feel confident that everything will go as planned.