Pink is the color for women which is perhaps the reason for the rising popularity of rose gold jewelry. A rose gold diamond ring is a perfect choice for engagement only if you know that the bride to be is fascinated by its warm pink glow accompanied by vintage undertones that makes it a stylish alternative to traditional yellow and white gold. Rose gold is relatively a new addition to the gold family, and its creation is triggered by the style demands of the modern times.  Rose gold popularity is rising, and it is not at all surprising that that a large number of women are choosing to wear a rose gold diamond ring for their engagement.  A look at the variety of rose gold diamond engagement rings presented in the online jewelry catalogs will help to verify the truth of the statement.

A stylish choice

Just like yellow gold that looks appealing on all kinds of skin tone, rose gold too has a wide appeal that suits all types of complexion and skin tone.  Rose gold jewelry appears to be incredibly flattering no matter who wears it.  Women who want to walk against the tide and create style choices that have a mark of individuality would prefer to go for rose gold. Besides being a stylish choice, the metal has an old-world charm, and vintage feel that makes it a timeless collection – a quality that can see through the times.   Since engagement rings are lifetime accompaniments, the timeless appeal is important as the jewelry retains its style quotient and appeal as years go by.

An alloy of gold

Gold, as we all know, comes only in yellow color and any other variety like white gold or rose gold is the result of alloying other metal with gold. Pure gold is not suitable for jewelry making and alloying it with silver, copper, zinc, nickel, palladium, aluminum and iron imparts the qualities needed to facilitate jewelry making.  By varying the proportion of alloys, we get white gold and rose gold. The quality and properties of the gold vary according to the proportion of the alloying elements that make it malleable enough for jewelry making.

Copper makes it pink

The pink hue of rose gold is the result of mixing copper with gold because the red tinge of copper combines with yellow gold to produce the pink that makes rose gold so attractive. The shade of the pink color depends on the percentage of copper in the alloy as the lower percentage produces a faint pink hue and vice versa. The standard rose gold blend consists of 75% gold and 25% copper.

Rose gold has been in and out of fashion, and currently, it is a fad among women who want to do something different with gold and diamond jewelry. The inherent composure, compassion, and warmth of rose gold makes it an ideal choice to pair with solitaire diamond for creating a mesmerizing engagement ring.

As it seems now, the obsession for rose gold is not going to go away sometime very soon.