Amateur antique cars, when you watch TV, the driving force of the cars in each scene does it matter to you as much as the performance of the actors? For you, here are the 10 most famous cars on television!

The 1968 Volkswagen T2A from the “Lost” series

We certainly do not expect to find a classic Volkswagen T2A on a desert island. Yet this is what happens in the series “Lost” that won the hearts of the world in the mid-2000s. The Dodge Charger 1969 series “Sheriff scare me” The series may be a little insolent today, but it was very entertaining at the time of its release. The model is also a favorite among collectors.

The 1982 TransAm of the “K 2000” series

K 2000 featured the very first autopilot car. And what a car it was! The kit was a modified 1982 TransAm and he was the main character, in every sense of the word. The series would certainly not have been the same without him car cover.

The 1972 Ferrari Daytona Spider from the series “Two cops in Miami”

Anyone who grew up in the 1980s remembers “Two cops in Miami”. Whether you’ve seen it or not, this classic series was part of a whole culture. The breathtaking views of the city of Miami, the beautiful beaches, the dazzling Ferraris have made this series one of the most popular from the first day of its broadcast.

The Volkswagen Coyote X 1971 from the series “The judge and the pilot”

“The judge and the driver” has nailed the viewers to their seats for several years and the car that the series stars is certainly one of the reasons behind this.

The 1951 Ford F1 of “Sanford and Son”

Who can forget to have seen this truck filled with a crush on the streets in this classic series? The series may seem outmoded today, but it’s still a favorite among TV and antique car fans alike.

The Ford Gran Torino from “Starsky and Hutch”

The acting game is perhaps not the best you’ve seen and the story is sometimes cliché. On the other hand, Starsky and Hutch, the duo fighting crime, were very entertaining and their car lovely.  The acting was so good and the story so gripping, it was easy to forget that there was also a four-wheeled star. Despite this, the 1977 Pontiac Firebird Esprit was making an appearance almost every week, to the delight of car enthusiasts tuned.

The Ford Lincoln transformed from “Batman”

Batman has experienced all kinds of transformations over the years. One of the most memorable versions of the batmobile is certainly the 1955 Ford Lincoln. What a car!

The GMC G5 1983 from the series “The All Risks Agency”

As breathtaking as the gold chain around the main character’s neck, the GMC G5 was a real star in this TV series. The story may have been rosy and the game of actors questionable, this did not stop “The Agency All Risks” and this beautiful car to invite homes in all parts of the country.

Car: 13 secrets of the best car drivers

Whether saving money with your car or driving safer, experts share 13 secrets of the best car drivers.

Do not stay next to another vehicle

Do not ride next to another vehicle. Shift yourself to have the time to react to the unexpected, says Marshall, Director of Training for Young Drivers of Canada.

Speed ​​limits are only for the best road conditions

The speed limit signs are only suitable for the best road conditions, says Alain LeBlanc, for whom driving to the maximum limit during a storm or a storm is very dangerous.

For significant savings of money and gasoline by car

Turn on cruise control (only on a freeway) or watch your meter. A simple speed variation between 75 and 85 km / h every 18 seconds results in a 20% increase in fuel consumption.

Slow wear on your tires and brakes

Slowly decelerate to a stop. Lift your foot off the accelerator as you approach an orange or red light. You will consume less fuel and reduce tire and brake wear.

To better protect the engine of your car

Accelerate gradually. If you consider a green light or a freeway ramp as the starting line for the Indianapolis 500 miles, you will burn gasoline and put the engine to the test.

For safer driving, follow the 2-second rule

Keep in mind the two-second rule. In town, it takes at least two seconds between the back of the car in front of you to pass an object on the side of the lane and the one where the front of your car passes it in turn, says M Marshall. Multiply this time by two in winter, at higher speeds or in bad weather conditions.

Choose the ideal pressure according to your car

The ideal pressure for your car is normally indicated on the inside wall of the driver’s door. If it is less than 0.55 k / cm2 (55 kilopascals), you will burn 4% more gasoline.

By car, make sure your children are seated and settled

Install your children well before taking the road. You will not be able to concentrate on driving if you have to take care of their wifi connection or give them a snack.

Limit the risk of a car accident

Leave early. If you leave the house with a few minutes early, you will be less tempted to accelerate or take risks to arrive faster, advises Scott Marshall.

By car, watch out for white-tailed deer

Every year, thousands of white-tailed deer are killed in Canada. Sweep both sides of the road as you cross an area that may be home to wildlife, especially at dawn and dusk.

For your safety, keep your phone out of reach

For Sgt., Alain LeBlanc, RCMP Public Relations Attaché, Nova Scotia, distraction is the leading cause of fatal or serious injury accidents. In 2013, a Virginia Tech study found that texting drivers were twice as likely to be involved in a dangerous accident or maneuver. The legislation now prevents this practice. In addition, the hands-free phone remains a source of distraction.

If the road conditions are bad, do not go out unless necessary

It is sometimes better to stay at home. “People come out in a storm when it’s not necessary,” regrets Mr. LeBlanc. The police often discover that the victim of a bad weather accident simply went to buy milk.