Road trips are wonderful to connect with friends and family. If you have been a very busy person with no time to spare for family and your friends then you should go out on a road trip. When you traverse the highway from sunrise to sunset and when you stop at unplanned destinations, the happiness that you feel is something that needs to be experienced. Even if you drive in the night, stopping at all night stores and buying snacks etc is a fun experience. Stopping and taking photographs of the night is a breathtaking experience. If you plan on camping at night with bonfires and singing you will be creating memories which will never fade, it will always bring a smile to your lips.

Another advantage is that you can move from the highways to places that are not on any map. You can find places that are unique and have a history and learn something more about our great country. Exploring the country is best done on a road trip.

Of the many road trip routes in the United States, only one is legendary. Legendary is a term that is easily applied to the Lincoln Highway that stretches from the Times Square in NY and goes all the way up to Lincoln Park in San Francisco.

This truly historic highway is one of the most iconic roads in USA and a lot of people plan a road trip not only to take in the sights but also to be a part of:

  • History that dates back to 1912 when the idea was born to create such a mighty highway,
  • A drive that once upon a time spanned 13 states,
  • A chance to drive for 3000+ miles and enjoy the trip!

So, where do you start? By choosing a car of course. Ford makes some nice cars that can help with the journey and one such nice car is a Ford Fusion which will give you enough space to seat 5 people and the flexibility to choose between hybrid and gasoline versions. This mid-sized car is filled with features that make driving and being driven comfortable. You can also rent a used Ford Fusion and go on the trip.


This one is completely up to you. Your plans for this road trip should be made around the number of miles you want to drive every day and the time you want to spend in each state that you drive through. For instance, when you drive through Ohio, you may want to make time to take in the Lincoln Theater! Or perhaps the Lincoln Monument in Dixon, Illinois? Another important point to note is to keep extra time or days with no itinerary because you may want to spend more time in one place or someone may get ill, so be prepared for all eventualities.

It is also interesting to note that there are quite a few Lincoln statues placed along the road. So, if you want to make this trip all about Lincoln, then you should visit or see the following:

  • The statue of Lincoln at the entrance of Lincoln Park in Jersey City and
  • The Monument at Wyoming and
  • Some city streets that carry the name Lincoln Way in places such as Auburn and South Bend.

More things to see

Since its inception, this iconic highway has been through a few realignments and adjustments. For instance in the year 1915, the Colorado Loop was removed. But one place where you can see the original bricks that were used to build this highway is Nebraska. When you drive on these bricks, know that you are driving on a path that was laid down in 1920!

From the history of the highway to something more modern – if that is what you want to do then you should spend time in Salt Lake City. There are a few districts here that have a hugely modern air to them and you will love the different experiences that await you in this destination.

Some serious peace and quiet

If you love being on the road by yourself then you will love the stretch in Nevada. Here, the Lincoln Highway pairs up with US Route 50 but you will enjoy the vast spaces too. Interesting fact – visit the National Automobile Museum in Reno. Why? Because Carl Fisher who thought up this Lincoln Highway was a mover and shaker in the automotive industry.

Overall the Lincoln Highway is steeped in history and just traveling on it makes us be a part of history. Where in the world can you travel for such a long distance and explore so many places on the way. It is nearly impossible to find such a highway all over the world. There may be new ones that are as lengthy or more but they will never be as historic as the Lincoln Highway.