No matter where you reside and what climate is experienced, there will come a time when you need to install an air conditioner. Many homeowners are still not aware of the fact that there are differences in the kinds of air conditioner systems. Window AC is much different from the split air conditioner. If you want to upgrade your air conditioner or would like to add an AC in the cottage, split system air conditioner or ductless AC will be a great choice. This type of AC offers zoned cooling and acts as a great alternative to the central air conditioner. Ductless split AC operates through ductless means.

Standard air conditioners are a popular choice but they may consume a lot of energy and in return generate less of conditioned air. Split system air conditioners help you to save on the energy bills. Such an air conditioner is also called ductless AC, duct-free AC, ductless split system or a mini split. You may choose between cooling any particular spot and cooling the entire region. Not only they help you to save money on energy bills but are also available with various heating options.

As the ductless air conditioner is already set up, you need not take much effort to install it. There is no need to set the condenser right next to the evaporator. So, the owner of the AC may cool any particular location. Ductless AC is far easier to install. It is a great substitute to the central air conditioner. 

Ductless AC is easy to integrate into space 

Here, the connection between the indoor and the outdoor unit just needs a three-four-inch hole to be drilled into the exterior wall. The installation work can be carried out completely in a single day. On the contrary, central air conditioner requires an installation of ductwork and this is time-consuming. 

Split air conditioner is more energy efficient 

There is no chance of any potential duct leaks that are mostly responsible for the loss of hot air or cool air. A typical HVAC system installed in the home loses significant hot and cool air entering the home. Since each of the zones has its own thermostat, you may just condition one particular room when it is used. So, it saves a lot of money on the energy bills. Energy savings can be between 20 to 30% in a month.

Ductless AC is best meant for smaller spaces

The ductless or split air conditioner is meant to fill the existing gap between window Air Conditioner and central AC. Ductless AC is the ideal cooling solution for smaller spaces. This includes dorm rooms and apartments. If you want to cool individual rooms in larger homes, you can use a ductless AC. 

Split air conditioner gives you a greater control 

When it comes to ductless AC, the two major benefits are targeting and having a greater control. You may use it wherever you want to. Old window ACs may be replaced for a ductless AC. This gives you more control over particular spaces. Here there is no need to set a particular temperature for the entire home. You may target specific area while saving on energy cost. 

The options in split AC 

When it comes to split air conditioner, there are various options. You will find units with different energy ratings and with varying warranty and price ranges. Have a look at the number of stars allotted to the unit to decide on its merits.

It is important to buy split air conditioner of more stars since that will be energy efficient. Make an informed buying decision after weighing your options. With the split AC, you will get more value for the money spent.