The first thing you notice about Suzani boots is their totally unique style that expresses who you are and that you like to make a statement.

Adorned with striking, colorful designs, this beautiful range of footwear truly sets you apart from the crowd and will certainly have heads turning and people asking you “Just where did you get those amazing boots?”. As the owner of a pair myself, I can tell you that this is a common occurrence as they really do get you noticed as others see their unmistakable sophistication.

Despite exuding modern style, Suzani boots or at least the Suzani textile has a lineage that goes back to the early 1400s. Let me tell you a bit more about it.

Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan & Central Asia

Suzani is a Persian word that means ‘needle’ and you can see why when you see this tribal texture for yourself. That’s because it’s an highly decorative embroidered textile that features bright and striking colors that can be seen by everyone in the vicinity.

The textile actually has its origins in Central Asia, with particular prominence in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. There’s even an Iranian version called Sandozi.

Suzani boots are popular today around the world, however, the textiles that inspired them were also used for centuries as dowries for Central Asian wedding ceremonies. It would be true to say that the history and culture that surrounds Suzani textiles matches the incredible, vibrant and eye-catching form it takes in the modern day.

“So, Why Should I Buy Suzani Boots For My Wardrobe?”

Well, I believe that the answer to that commonly asked question should be replaced with “why shouldn’t I buy some boots featuring the inimitable Suzani style?”, because the moment you put them on, you feel like a million dollars!

I think they should be part of anyone’s wardrobe selection because:

  • They instantly add something to any outfit they’re put with
  • They’re remarkably easy to color coordinate with
  • They’re super-comfortable to wear
  • They’re easy to maintain and keep looking amazing

If you haven’t yet seen a pair up close and personal, I would recommend that you do, because I’ll be honest and say that I wasn’t really aware of them until I came across a pair by chance a few years ago in a local market. The vendor told me all about the boots and their history and I was instantly sold on them – leading to me now having 3 pairs!

Aside from how amazing they look, you can literally see the history in the delicately embroidered patterns in them that seem to get more intricate every time I look at them.

Get Some Suzani Boots for Yourself and See For Yourself!

I could talk to you about these amazing boots for hours, but to truly understand how wonderful they are to own and wear, you really need to get a pair and try them out for a week or two. You’ll see their unmistakable style, as well as experiencing their supreme comfort.

They are simply beautiful and it’s perhaps because of this that Suzani textiles and products that feature them are as popular now as they have ever been.