Gift Cash has been providing the best cash rates on gift cards ever since their inception dating back to 2017. It is a company of sixteen people operating from the promised land of United States of America. Integrity, efficiency and communication punctuate them as a business organization with stellar value. People at the helm of Gift Cash ensure that they are being timely as well as accessible. They guarantee that the payout will be processed as fast as possible once the card is received. The industry standard security measures adopted by this gift card company who sell gift cards ensure that data is safe with them.

  • Providers who sell gift cards feature cards of all stores including Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Ikea.
  • Gift Cash is the best place to sell gift cards online and their process is fast as well as easy.
  • The first step in reimbursing gift cards is entering the card details including card’s corresponding merchant and current balance.
  • They provide gift card links of thousands of retailers and their gift card balance checker tool can be used to check gift card balance online.
  • Gift Cash offers a suitable way to check gift card balance online or over the telephone.

Best Place to Sell Gift Cards

Gift Cash showcases gift cards of major brands including Airbnb, American Eagle Outfitters, Adidas, Athleta, Barnes&Noble, Bass Pro Shops, Banana Republic and Buckle. They have partnered with other prominent retailers including Bare Minerals, Brooks Brothers, Brighton, EBay, Hollister, HP, Kmart, and Loft. Gift Cash helps their customers to get the best value on their gift cards and they are pioneers in providing first class services to their clients.

Steps Involved in Selling Gift Cards

Enter gift card details, choose pricing and submit for approval

Receive confirmation on listing within 24 hours

Customers get paid as soon as the card is sold

Gift cash helps customers to make the best out of unwanted gift cards and a commission is deducted from the selling price after a gift card is sold. Customers can review their settings to change the price or any other details of gift card. They can search for gift cards by brand, category and value and it can be easily added to the shopping cart. Some of the providers who sell gift cards offer free shipping on all cards and consumers can sell cards from any brand to get the cash back.

Buyers can choose the selling price of gift cards and it will be featured on the marketplace in front of millions of online shoppers. The account management facility in the gift card application lets buyers to edit member profile, update payment information, view order history and withdraw funds to bank account. Purchase protection and fair return policies of gift card companies made them popular among online shoppers. Gift cash makes it easy and convenient to sell gift cards and the sell form will ask for the serial number of gift card, PIN and current balance.

Gift cash is America’s most trusted gift card marketplace and it is recommended to give 10% discount on gift cards to sell it fast. Gift card selling companies will notify the buyer once the gift card has been purchased. Setting up selling price at gift card marketplace is the discretion of the buyer and the listing price should be equal to or less than current value of the card. Some of the most prominent gift card marketplaces in the USA support physical gift cards too. Different payment options are available for purchasing typical gift cards including debit card, credit card, net banking and cryptocurrencies.

Purchase Protection Offered by Gift Card Marketplaces

  • Gift cash is a platform where people can buy and sell gift cards from each other directly.
  • No middlemen and no wastage of gift cards are the splendid features of gift card online marketplaces.
  • Conventional gift card sellers offer the highest payout and creating listing to sell gift card is quite easy.
  • They use the most secure and safe payment gateway to keep personal and credit/debit card details secure.
  • Well known gift card marketplaces verify all buyers, sellers and gift cards listed on the website.
  • Large number of stores are listed in the gift card marketplace where customers can sell unused gift cards.

Gift cards can be sent as surprise gifts to loved ones and bulk gift cards can be sold on prominent gift card marketplaces by becoming the premium seller. Gift cash will be the best option for individuals who want to sell gift cards on an exchange or on instant cash. It is a fact that gift cards are real gems when it comes to celebrations like birthday, wedding and corporate events. Renowned gift card companies make shopping super exciting and a typical gift card enhances shopping in an enchanting way.

The typical payment methods of gift card marketplaces include check, direct deposit, PayPal, and ACH. The sellers of gift card can earn huge cash back depending on the brand, demand as well as value. Selling gift cards is a great way to earn some extra cash and gift card marketplaces of USA got featured in prominent global news publications. There is absolutely no commitment to accept an offer to sell gift cards and e-gift cards are normally delivered to the email address. Another best feature of selling physical gift cards is that customers won’t have to worry about shipping it to the buyer.

Gift cash gives business owners a platform to create, sell and market gift cards and the transactions can be tracked in real time. The greatest feature of gift cards is that they are mobile friendly and the elegant features of gift card selling are promotions, bonus deals, giveaways, and flash sales. The promotions feature of gift card allows customers to send e-gift card promotion for special occasions. The bonus deals associated with the option to sell gift cards are quite popular among avid online shoppers. The giveaway is often a free option for all loyal customers of premium gift card marketplaces. Some of the most successful gift card marketplaces offer the capability to create custom fundraiser campaigns for local businesses.