The Ultimate List of Wedding Accessories to Glamour Up Your Wedding Dress

Found your dream wedding dress? it’s time to add some sentimental touches to it with wedding wardrobe essentials to create the perfect bridal bling. Of course, you do not want any fashion catastrophes to ruin your once-in-a-lifetime experience. Every tiniest detail counts! Slick up your hairstyle with accessories, or add a touch of shimmer to your plain dress with sparkling shoes.

Whether you are planning a traditional or destination wedding, being anxious to look perfect on your big day is part of the deal. As a bride-to-be, you must have a lot to do, and chances are you might overlook some important details. Here’s how this blog comes to the rescue! We bring forth a wedding checklist to ensure you have everything you need to leave the audience enchanted. Without these accessories, your bridal look would be incomplete, and you wouldn’t want that. So, go through the following additions and avoid any last-minute hustles.

Bridal bouquet

What’s the most eye-catchy thing people notice about a bride beside her dress? The wedding bouquet! Wedding bouquets accompany brides on their walk down the aisle and instantly get noticed. Picking the right one is highly detrimental.

Flowers, however, are part of the last-minute deal as we want them fresh out of a floral store! Getting a bouquet shipped online is your best option, especially if your wedding is on a remote island or a faraway beach.

Many Google reviews will tell you that wedding bouquets newport beach ca to the last-minute rescues. The fast and quick delivery service at Newport Beach has saved the day for many, delivering customized wedding bouquets all over the states within a short time.

Veil or Tiara

You cannot go wrong with a tiara and veil if you’re looking for a traditional and chic look. A veil signifies a bride’s purity and innocence, making it essential for her final bridal look. Choose your veil side by side with your wedding gown so that it can give an angelic finish to your overall look.

Bridal veils come in variousdesigns like a birdcage, ballerina, blusher, cathedral, and more. To exude a vintage vibe, get the birdcage veil or blush in a bust-length blusher veil. A mantilla veil will add a classic touch to your dress, which never goes out of fashion.

On the other hand, a tiara will give you that long-cherished princess appeal and make you stand out.

Bridal Jewelry

Enhance your bridal look with statement jewelry pieces like earrings, bracelets, pendants, anklets, gloves, and belts. You can choose from an endless ocean of glamorizing jewelry at any jewelry shop.

Exude a Victorian charm in a choker, or incorporate your heirloom jewelry as a pendant. Pendants crafted with crystals or pearls are timeless and chic.

Adding bracelets and anklets to your big day look will give it a sparkly touch. You can accessorize your look with funky bangles, luxurious cuffs, romantic charms, floral wrist bands and give it a scintillating finish.

For additional embellishment, you can use intricately designed gloves to complete your bridal ensemble. Although over-accessorizing may ruin a look, adding a simple piece like a belt made of silk or pearls is sure to refine the look.

Wedding shoes

Shoes are just as important as your dress. You will never run out of voguish shoe options – from elegant and stylish pumps to ultra-comfortable flats and super-sexy strappy shoes to a pair of sturdy boots.

However, be mindful of the terrain of your wedding venue when choosing the perfect pair of shoes. You do not want to end up sinking your sky-high heels into grass or sand after all the hard work of buying them. Make your choice wisely!

Comfy bridal lingerie

Your seamless underwear is an essential bridal accessory, even if no one can see them. Choosing your undergarments wisely can ensure that your gown looks picture perfect and you remain comfortable during the wedding ceremony.

After choosing your wedding dress, contact your bridal salon for suggestions and ask if your dress has built-in support. From simple silhouettes for minimalist brides to romantic allover lace sets, there are scores of bridal lingerie sets for every kind of bride.

Bridal purse

As an essential style piece in every woman’s life, a purse will serve to hold all your tissues, makeup, cash, phone, or extra bobby pins. So, when dressing up to the nines, don’t forget to pick the perfect purse for yourself. It is best to keep one with you even though you may not need it during the ceremony.


There’s always something overwhelming about wedding moves. From deciding on dates and venues to overseeing arrangements and making sure the timeline goes off without a hitch may leave you stressed and exhausted. It is easy to overlook some crucial wedding dress details that complement the bride’s look. This article lists a few of those wedding staples that can make or break your ultimate bridal bling. Also, don’t forget to wear a happy and genuine smile. It is the ultimate accessory that will glam you up on your big day. So, what are you waiting for? Go through this checklist and snap up all the must-haves beforehand.

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