Wine is one of the most enjoyed drink among people around the globe. It has a long history starting from its discovery from the earliest civilizations to the modern day wine production all over the world. But even with its popularity, most drinkers are still not quite familiar that there are five different main styles of wine like sparkling, white, rose, fortified and of course red wine. Besides that, a drinker should know that within these five basic styles of wine there is the level of sweetness ranging from dry to semi-sweet and sweet. But in this case, since the most popular style of wine is the red wine and for all the red wine lovers reading this article, we will be discussing the specifics and the different types of red wine there is.

Pinot Noir

According to the finest connoisseurs in the world, if you are looking for a red wine that captures the basicness of what a red wine is but with a little twist, this is the wine you are looking for. It has a complex taste making it more fruity, silky and elegant. Pinot Noir is not overtly tannic but and has a lighter body. Also, if you’re looking for a red wine that goes with a dish of fish, this is the wine you are looking for. Sokolin Red Wines produces the best Pinot Noir. Because of the lesser tannic materials, it doesn’t create that unpleasant taste, something of a metallic taste. So, I recommend you to pair Pinot Noir with a fish dish.


Unlike other types of red wine, the Merlot wine offers a sweet taste. This type of wine is not that popular because, for others, red wine is not supposed to be this sweet, but then again it is still a type of red wine, so give it a try. The Merlot has this, sweet and juicy flavor and it has a softer and smoother texture. So if this is the wine of your choice, it is best to pair it with some salty or fatty food or some tomato-based pasta.

Cabernet Sauvignon

If you want the real deal, or want to taste what a bottle of red wine is known for, then this is the wine you are looking for. This type of wine is the most produced type of wine by wineries because a severe wine drinker always prefer this red wine than anything else. It has savory and high in acidity, elegant but has a dry level of sweetness. This is best paired with salty or fatty food so the dry taste of the wine won’t stick in your tongue also this is best known to be paired with steaks.

Syrah and Shiraz

Let’s understand this first that a Syrah is usually a taste of France while the Shiraz is the Australian blend which can be considered a counterpart of Syrah. With Shiraz, you get a juicier feeling from darker varieties of blackberries but somehow described as the wine cocktail of the red wines. With Syrah, it has a lesser complex taste but with the same feeling as its counterpart. Since this is a rare type of red wine, it is best to pair it with a spicy dish, because you can enjoy your tasty meal without messing with the wine’s flavor.


If you are looking for a red wine that is somewhat neutral between a sharp elegant taste, and a juicier and sweeter taste, then this is the wine for you. Malbec is usually stored in oak barrels to produce that graham flavor, but a somewhat smokey and toasty feeling. So if you are enjoying your night with a nice barbeque, grilled pork or any sweet and spicy dish, then this is the type of wine you are looking for.


If you prefer an American blend, then go with Zinfandel. This variety is usually grown in America and rarely grown in other states outside the United States. This type of wine has a spicier taste but fruity, but it is quite popular with Americans because of its high alcohol content. Zinfandel’s delicious taste can sometimes be compared with a cherry or strawberry flavor. Because of the ideal American blend, it is best paired with pizza, lasagna, and grilled cheese.


If you prefer a French blend, then the type of wine for you is Sangiovese, this is like the National French Wine in the world of red wines. If Zinfandel is the most grown variety in the United States then in Italy, this is the most grown variety. This drink is lighter in body, and more acidic when compared among the types of red wines in this list. Because of its acidity,  it is best that you enjoy this drink with food. Since it’s the National WIne in France, then it best paired with French dishes, other than that, Sangiovese can be paired with meat or meal with tomato, balsamic sauce or dressing.