Our bodies are quite amazing. They will crave different foods at different times. And there is no joy as having that crave hit your taste buds at the right proportion. However, it reaches a point where your body reacts to different kinds of foods leaving us no choice but to start eating healthy.


What you give in is what you get out. Therefore, one can adjust their diets depending on what outcome they desire. There are definitely quite a number of popular diets that will help you counter attack your body to suit your health not only your health but your lifestyle.


Protection is better than cure and on research shown by hearty soul diets . It claims that 80% of adults in America are not up to the standard daily rate of aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities. This leads to obesity which is a major factor in the contribution of preventable chronic diseases.


There are a million types of foods that one can take, and it becomes a tricky situation to choose which is best for you as an individual. I have summarized a few types of diets that will help you achieve the kind of lifestyle you aim for.


Ketogenic Foods

Do you want to lose some weight or need a cure for epilepsy? With ketogenic meals, your struggle comes to an end. These are foods that are low on carbohydrates and high on fat. Forcing your body into ketosis means that you intake foods with low or no carbohydrates which later causes a drop in your blood sugar hence your body starts to break down fats into energy.


The foods include but not limited to Avocados, eggs, plain Greek yoghurt, cheese, fish and shellfish and coconut oil. Maybe you are at work, or you are unable to prepare such a diet at home or are not sure where to start. There are lots of delicious and organic keto meals you can prepare beforehand or even have delivered to you.

Vegetarian and Vegan Diets

Vegetables come in different types, and most people are Lacto-ovo vegetarians, i.e. they do not consume animal-based foods apart from honey, eggs and dairy products.


When it comes to being a vegan, this is more philosophical than just a diet. It’s a belief based not only for health reasons but also compassionate, environmental and ethical reasons. They don’t t take any animal product whatsoever.


Atkins Diet

Not only is this a great weight loss diet, but it also controls insulin levels in our blood as you intake carbohydrates as well as creating a permanent foundation for disease prevention. An example of a laid out diet may include breakfast- low carb vegetables with a cheese omelette; lunch- chicken salad with nuts and seeds; dinner- meatballs served with kale, broccoli or asparagus.


Zone Diet

This is basically a diet that points at nutritional balance. It recommends that each meal should contain 30%of protein, 40% of carbohydrates and 30% of fats. This is said to be a more successful way to control body weight by the medical news today.


Weight Watchers Diet

It’s a focus on weight loss through proper diet, a support network and of course exercises. Weight watchers are actually an organization that helps people not gain weight back after a loss. They give support and education during their meetings or online forums. Take a look at what should be contained in your weight watching list best diet in the US


Raw Food Diet

It involves consumption of foods and drinks which are unprocessed. They are wholly plant-based and organic. They can either be raw vegetarians who eat plant-based foods, dairy products and eggs; raw vegans who don’t eat any animal products or raw omnivores who intake both animal and plant-based; for raw carnivores, their diet may include sushi or sashimi.