The Trendiest Hairstyle for Each Zodiac Sign

Your zodiac sign says so much about your personality. Every sign has their own unique set of traits and characteristics which makes them unique and different. Everyone’s hairstyle should be just as unique as their personalities. The following are some of the trendiest hairstyles which complement the unique personality of every zodiac sign.


You’ve never been a fan of routine, and love to shake things up to keep life interesting. Like your personality, your style is never drab or boring, and neither is your hairstyle. Incorporate unexpected elements into your hairstyle, with unique barrettes or clips to accentuate your vivacious personality.


You’re a hard worker and a team player, which means you typically don’t enjoy spending too much time fussing with your hair. You’re extremely busy focusing on getting things done and benefit from a no-fuss, easy hairstyle routine. Your best option is to go with a longer cut, which plays up your natural textures and waves.


You’ve never been one to shy away from speaking your mind and giving your opinion in any situation. Because of this, people are drawn to your magnetic personality. You’re brave, bold, and extremely creative, just like your perfect hairstyle. Don’t be afraid to experiment with unexpected colors and cuts! Hidden highlights with pops of bright color will compliment your energetic spirit.


You are an empath by nature, often going out of your way to nurture those around you. Along with your compassion, you are practical and firmly grounded in reality. Because of your sensible nature, a shoulder-length haircut will perfectly complement your selfless personality. Play it up with some fun chin-length layers, or choppy bangs for a bit of versatility!


Leos are never afraid of a challenge, which is why it’s common to see Leos in positions of power, especially when it comes to business. Your headstrong personality drives you towards attaining your goals in every aspect of your life. Your perfect haircut is voluminous, much like a lion’s mane. To match your natural, “take charge” personality, go for big, loose curls and longer length, for a hairstyle that commands attention when you walk into any room.


You’re one of the most hard-working signs of the zodiac, and your work ethic often drives you towards seeking perfection out of yourself, as well as others. It should come as no surprise that your perfect haircut is structured, detailed, and sleek. A sleek bun or ponytail with a side part is a great style for Virgos on a busy workday.


You’re able to see both sides of any situation and are extremely social. Your friendly personality means you likely have friends from all walks of life. Because of your diplomatic sensibilities, you tend to keep your true feelings inside. While a middle part may not work for others, Libra’s “balancing act” means that you can wear a middle part with grace and style. Go for long, feminine hairstyles, which bring out your natural beauty.


Scorpio is the most mysterious sign of the zodiac, and your enigmatic personality intrigues those around you. Though quiet by nature, once you make a decision about a person or topic, it’s hard to change your mind. Although you tend to stick with a particular hairstyle, this doesn’t mean you can’t play around with color! You gravitate towards natural hues, however, a burgundy or auburn color will match your mysterious personality perfectly.


You were born to explore, and are a social butterfly. Spontaneous, creative, and incredibly charming, you find it dull to stick to a routine. Your zest for life and adventurous spirit means you can pull off any hairstyle or cut that many others could not. Consider adding strands of fairy hair to bring an unexpected hint of sparkle to your already sparkling personality.


Your ambitious, level-headed personality makes you an asset in any setting or situation. Your stubbornness may come off as overbearing, however, your social circle is wide and you’ve got plenty of admirers. Your ideal hairstyle requires minimal styling to match your “no fuss” personality. A shoulder-length cut with face-framing layers is the perfect “wash and go” style, so you can get on with your day.


You’re compassionate, unique, and independent, so naturally, you need a hairstyle which compliments your lovable quirkiness. Your tendency to gravitate towards up-and-coming seasonal trends to look up your daily horoscope means you would benefit from a versatile cut that could be styled in a multitude of ways. Medium-length styles with full layers are the perfect cut for your selfless personality.


Largely regarded as the “dreamer” of the zodiac symbols, your optimistic attitude knows no bounds, and you always try to find the silver lining in every situation. Your communication skills and social qualities make you a natural diplomat, both at work and home. Full highlights and longer layers are the perfect hairstyles to compliment your ethereal personality.

Regardless of what sign you were born under, the stars aligned to help shape your unique qualities and made you who you are today. Your hairstyle should reflect your one-of-a-kind personality. With these styling tips and tricks inspired by your sign, you can find that perfect style and cut which will enhance your inner beauty.