Whenever you go to sleep at night, you may not be the only one enjoying a comfortable bed and warm surroundings. Little pests called bed bugs can also be present, even if you hadn’t seen any signs before that they’re there. That’s because these little creatures are small, nocturnal, and they can hide in nooks and crannies like the headboard, dressers, underneath the mattress, in the folds of mattresses, and even behind electrical sockets. You may not see them, but if you start waking up with red bites all over your body, you’ve probably fallen victim to the bed beg pandemic that’s troubling Torontonians. If you’ve discovered bed bugs or signs of them, it’s time to start calling a Toronto bed bug removal company.

While health officials technically don’t consider this kind of pest a health issue, they can seriously disturb your everyday life. In addition to covering your body with itchy red welts, they can also affect your sleeping pattern, causing sleepless nights and mental health issues. One of the reasons they become such an issue is the stigma around having an infestation of this kind; people feel embarrassed, allowing these creatures to reproduce and take over a home. The truth is, anyone can get them, and it’s better to call the pest control services Toronto homeowners rely on to get rid of the pests that keep them up at night.

Why You Need To Remove Bed Bugs

Bed bugs bite, and while those bites have never been known to be venomous or transmit any deadly diseases or viruses, they can be very irritating to humans and even household pets. The truth is, bed bugs are hard to get rid of because they can hide away for long periods without even eating and it can be difficult to find their nesting grounds. If that wasn’t enough, some bed bugs species have even become resistant to pesticides and sprays, making eliminating them even more difficult for non-professionals. If you’ve experienced bites from these creatures, irritating bites can be treated with various creams and liquids, but treating a home for bed bugs is a much more exhaustive process.

How Professional Pest Removal Companies Can Help

If you suspect you have pests in your Toronto home, whether they are bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, wasps, spiders, or even rodents such as mice or rats, Toronto exterminators like Power Pest Control can help eliminate them and make your home pleasant again. Good professional removal companies will usually respond quickly when you call them, and can give you a free quote for their services. One thing to look for is a company that will first do an inspection, like Power Pest Control, to first locate every last one of their nesting places, so that they know where to target when they come in with pesticides.

Once the inspection is complete, the exterminator will advise you on things like whether or not it’s safe to keep your mattress. Don’t let bed bugs boss you around, hire pest control professionals to show them the door.